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Would your child handle being home alone, like Kevin McCallister?

Kevin in Home Alone was amazing. Sure, he fought off bad guys. And did so with such cleverness: using a hot iron, broken Christmas tree ornaments, tar, a BB gun, a tarantula, pulleys. You name it.

But, as a mother, I was most impressed with his other life skills.

  • He took a shower and washed his hair.
  • He made himself breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.
  • He called for pizza delivery.
  • He did the laundry.
  • He bought himself a toothbrush. And probably even used it.

Would my child–who is Kevin’s age–handle being home alone? Two words: Uh, yikes.

I found out that my seven-year-old son has been washing his hair with only conditioner. He has the softest–but dirtiest–hair in town. But would he run a Spiderman bubble bath and drop in the Sesame Street color tablets that make the water turn turquoise? To quote Kevin, “I don’t think so.”

He knows how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oh and yogurt. That’s about it. The milk jug is too heavy for him to pour without spilling.

Doing laundry? I’m not sure if he even knows where the laundry room is. He wads up his dirty socks and leaves dirty sock balls throughout his room. Kinda like a treasure hunt.

He does brush his teeth. He recently lost his two front teeth, so two less teeth to brush.

And he know how to turn on the TV and put it in video game mode. Whew. He’ll be fine.

So the next time I banish my son to the attic and leave him home alone as I fly off to Paris, I will be reassured that he will fill his belly with peanut butter and jelly and play Xbox 360, with his dirty hair and toothless grin.


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Snarkfest confession time, my daughter, at age 12, was using my conditioner as shampoo for 2 weeks before she realized it wasn’t bubbling and foamy. But it sure was soft.

That’s too cute! I don’t know about 7, but by 11 both of my kids knew how to run the washing machine and were in charge of doing their own laundry. WOULD they have if I hadn’t told them to? She would have. Him? Who knows? The boy is living on his own now (he’s 28, not 7) and always has clean clothes and hasn’t starved. So I guess he figured it out at some time.

Ah, so we have some time to learn these important life skills. 🙂

Thanks for writing and for reassuring me!

Hahaha! Soft and dirty. 🙂


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