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Life is complicated.

Marriage. Children. Jobs. Activities. Household. Appointments.

Dog peeing on the carpet. Algebra homework. Always dieting. Sibling rivalry. Dishwasher clogged. Shuttling children to sports. Grocery shopping.

Everyone needs to be fed. Everything needs to be cleaned. Someone always needs something. Something is always breaking.

But that’s life. That’s my life.

Yet, in our loud and crazy family life, I am adding in a few simple things to help me slow down and enjoy and keep my sanity.

  1. Sharing a pomegranate. Time intensive, these fruits force you to slow down and enjoy.
  2. A board game with the family. This weekend, it was Sorry.
  3. Painting my toenails sparkly red. Even though my toes are hidden under socks and tights for the next eight months.
  4. A bowl of walnuts in their shells and a nutcracker. Again, cracking open nuts is time intensive, forcing you to slow down.
  5. Braiding Barbie’s hair with my daughter.
  6. Walking through the leaves on a Fall afternoon.

I am learning that simple (memorable) things need to be prioritized into a family’s busy day. Because children and mates need to be cared for and fed and loved. Clothes will always need washing. Groceries always run out. There will always be homework to do and bills to pay. Dogs sometimes pee on the carpet.

It’s always something. How about making it something simple?

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Hang in there Pippi – sounds like you are having a rough week!!!! 🙂

Thanks! It always gets better. 🙂


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