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I had my own election triumph when running for office.

OK, student council. In seventh grade. Or was it eighth? Whatever.

I ran for student body Vice President. Why not President? I don’t know. Too scary.

Regardless, it was a┬ámonth’s worth of campaigning. I carefully made posters with colorful markers. And taped them to every hallway, locker, and door.

The speech? Promises of better cafeteria lunches. Longer recesses. All of the important things.

Public speaking freaked me out. I probably had a quiver in my voice when I gave my speech. Nevertheless, I was apparently compelling enough. Popular enough. Eager enough.

I won.

I attended important meetings that took me out of class.

I don’t remember making an impact on the cafeteria menu or extending recesses.

But I do remember that people picked me…and it made be feel awfully proud.

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