Sometimes Sons Wear Unitards


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Sometimes I think I know my kids so well. What they are thinking. What they will choose.

I sometimes think they’ll follow a certain path that I have “envisioned” for them. Then when they choose something different, I think to myself, wow. I’m not really in charge anymore.

My children are becoming independent.

And then I’m sorta proud.

Take my son for example. He’s 6 feet tall and he’s 13 years old. Yeah, he’s a natural fit for basketball. I assumed he would play it all through high school. And get a scholarship. I was envisioning Hoosiers.

Yet, this son of mine has no interest in basketball. Just because he’s tall, doesn’t mean he wants to play. And just because I thought he should try basketball, doesn’t mean he wants to.

He told me the other day he wants to try wrestling.

Wrestling??! My first thought was Nacho Libre.

The Mexican wrestling masks. The unitards.

My second thought was this is SO not Hoosiers.

But my son’s football coach encouraged him.

After I thought about it and rewatched Vision Quest, I’m totally supportive of my son’s choices.

Even if the unitards are dorky.

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I had the exact same reaction last week when my Eldest Spawn declared he wants to wrestle in grade 7 after showing absolutely no interest it in at all until then. And it was Also his football coach who suggested wrestling.

I was a wrestling cheerleader (I know..I know…) in high school. The uniforms haven’t changed and I don’t know why?!

Luckily we went all in with snowboarding this year so it’s under discussion – we aren’t spending an ungodly amount of money to snowboard if he’s going to be wrestling every weekend. But he wants to do something active..I don’t want to discourage him!

Love your post!!!

Thanks for sharing your story! I think what’s important is that kids are active and we encourage them in their activities.


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