Drinking the Disney Kool-Aid


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I have been drinking the Disney Kool-Aid.

I do not own a Goofy t-shirt. I am not a wearer of Disney pins. My vehicle does not sport a sticker with our family members in Mickey Mouse ears.

Yet I know the songs to The Nightmare Before Christmas. I own the majority of Disney movies on DVD. Even Blu-ray. Watching Cinderella with with my daughter makes me happy. On Sunday nights as a child, I watched The Wonderful World of Disney, cuddled in my jammies. I rode It’s a Small World 30 years ago. And again last week.

See? I’ve been drinking the Disney Kool-Aid since I was a child.

How can you NOT? In our culture, it’s almost force-fed.

As an American family, you “go to Disneyland.” This part was sorta nagging at me since my two youngest kids, aged seven and 10, are the perfect age and we hadn’t been in five years. Down the line, my daughter may not want to go. Or, she may not want to go with me. The time was NOW.

It was my Mom duty to go to Disneyland.

So, I planned a surprise trip, with my husband’s stealth encouragement. The suspense of keeping this secret for two months! On my daughter’s 10th birthday, we sent her to school and promised we’d pick her up a little early to do “something fun.” Maybe a frozen yogurt treat? She’d like that. That’s the kind of girl she is.

On the way to the airport, I nearly peed my pants, I was so excited. Excited to head to sunny California for a few days. But mostly, excited to share the magic with my children. This video shows my daughter’s I-don’t-believe-you reaction, as we announced the Disneyland plans while pulling up curbside at the airport, with her bags secretly packed in the back. You can hear the giddiness (Kool-Aid) in my voice. I don’t think it quite sank in with her until we were actually walking through airport security. 🙂

And here we are spazzing out on the airplane. Giddy with excitement! I was extra giddy. I was about to be a kid again and see “the magic of Disney” through their child eyes.

And when the flight attendant asked what we would like to drink, we answered:

“Disney Kool-Aid.” Duh.

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I’m excited FOR you guys!! I’ve been under the influence of Disney for years and years. If I could afford to go every year I would. Hubby would object, he’s not a fan, but I am and both my girls are as well. Hope you had a magical time!!


It was such a blast! We went to Disneyland for one day then hit the other parks: SeaWorld, San Diego zoo, LegoLand. Each was equally fun.

The kids even thought the hotel was pretty exciting. 🙂

I think you and your girls need to plan your next trip!

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