Why We’re Late to School


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Sometimes we’re late to school because we overslept the alarm. Or because we can’t find coats. Or backpacks. Or homework. Or sometimes we can’t find shoes that match.

Or because I’m on a work call and I’m not supposed to talk on my phone AND drive at the same time. And even if I COULD, how could I possibly HEAR the person on the other end with the NOISE level in my car with all of the before-school chatter and singing and bickering?

Or sometimes we’re late to school because breakfast takes too long. Or the dog got loose. Or because the dog ate the kids’ breakfast off the counter. And I had to make them new breakfasts.

It’s always something.

But sometimes we’re late to school because my kids are dancing.

And I think that’s the best excuse of all.

Dear School:

Please excuse my son’s tardiness. He was dancing.

Thank you for understanding,


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Such enthusiastic dancing! Seems like a great reason to be late, and I’ve heard some doozies.

Haha! What kind of excuses have you heard? I may need some more!

that’s awesome! I wonder if my boss would go for that! 🙂

Love it!!

I am sure you have equally fun mornings, huh?!


Try it!


Love this!!! Mine are currently singing Adele instead of getting dressed. Dear school – my kids are tardy because they missed the bus because they were singing and I wasn’t ready to take them on time because I was blogging….jk.

Super sweet! What a great way to start the day!!!!

My daughter sings Adele too!

Yeah, they’re late because of blogging. I haven’t used that one yet!

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