Aveda, Take Me Away!


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While at the hair salon getting my hair trimmed, highlighted, and glossed, I felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. You know the part, where she goes to the land of Oz the second time, and gets primped and fluffed?

Except my hair actually looked more like the lion. When the hairdresser combed it out, pulling out the curls, I was looking sorta crazy.

I admit, it’s always a little uncomfortable for me to be in the limelight. Either I make conversation or I stare into the mirror. But I sorta get sick of staring at myself. I tend to over-examine. How I applied my lipstick in a hurry and notice that it is askew. How my eyebrows need a little shaping. How I’m looking a little tired.

It’s always something.

But she doesn’t call attention to my imperfections. She sees plenty, I’m sure.

It’s the one hour and a half where I can just sit. And be taken care of. “Would you like some tea?”

When the hairdresser washes my hair, it’s my favorite part. It’s just not the same when I do it myself. I lather and scrub. Always racing the clock. Leaving the conditioner in while shaving. Always multitasking.

But the hairdresser? She takes her time. She massages. She uses plenty of hot water. This time around, I was so relaxed that I even dozed off for a few minutes!

After I was pampered and relaxed, instead of Dorothy, I was the woman in those stupid Calgon commercials. Remember those?

“The traffic. The boss. The baby. The dog…Calgon, take me away!”

This woman is losing it! Then cut to her in her tub of bubbles, oohing and aahing, relaxed and carefree.

That was me, but in the salon chair…Aveda, take me away!

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I love Aveda. Sometimes I go for their free “makeup touchups” and cup of tea. The calm music, dim lights, subtle nice smells…. a mini vacation. When I go to Vegas, one can find me holed up in Aveda for hours to escape the migraine-inducing bright lights, noises, crowds, smoke. A little slice of heaven on earth. Even if they gave me two black caterpillars for eyebrows for my wedding, which meant a lot of crying and vicious scrubbing of my eyebtows till they were red.

Why was she brushing out your curls???

It is worth all of the awkwardness of not knowing whether to chit-chat or stay silent to have a stranger wash one’s hair so thoroughly, carefully and, dare I say, lovingly. You perfectly captured the bliss of almost-but-not-too hot water on one’s scalp.

Oh, it sounds heavenly…

And, as a side note, I wrote a fiction piece for the speakeasy where “Would you like some tea?” is used. So funny!!

You must write more about your Aveda eyebrow wedding experience. I LOL’d a that one!


I don’t know! To take the hidden tangles out I guess!



It’s my monthly treat!

I’ll check out your post! #greatminds


I love those few minutes of having my hair washed. It’s truly heavenly. It’s the small things that make life sweet. Your post reminded me of that today. Thank you!

Haha well I don’t remember that commercial, but getting your hair done can be SO nice when it’s the right person (not all judgey)

Yeah, it’s heavenly!

Go book your next appointment!

No one likes judgey. Especially when you’re paying someone!


Yay! Getting my hair trimmed on Thursday. Sudden excited!

I want that Calgon lady’s tub!

My hairdresser has her own private little ‘office’ so we get to talk loudly and she has wine (but I would need a ride home if I partook). Getting glossy hair does sound pretty wonderful though!

That commercial is a classic! I love being pampered at the hair salon. And now, I won’t be able to go without thinking of your ending 😉

I love going to the salon to get my hair done for exactly the reasons you describe. You reminded me I need to go make an appointment!

Yay! Have fun and don’t fall asleep!


Oooh, wine would make me sleepy and silly. I’ll BYOB next time!


Awesome! I watched that commercial long ago and thought Calgon is magic!


Ooh, let me know how your appointment goes!


I’m feeling you! I LOVE getting my hair washed and my head massaged – pure bliss. And I love the Oz scene you mention – “Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?” Fun post!

Oh, I love salon pampering too!

My stylist left her salon a year or so ago after she had her second kid and now works out of her mom’s basement. I miss the whole salon vibe. She has a nice set-up, complete with a real salon washbowl, reclining chair, etc. But it’s not the same, you know?

The good news: I pay half to two-thirds of what a salon would charge for the same services.

I would love to dye my eyes to match my gown!


Paying half means you can go twice as often!


What is “glossing” hair?

Ahhh the salon. I love how you took something so simple and told it in a way that makes me feel like I’m sitting right there having it done!

It makes your hair shine. Kinda like lacquering a table. 🙂

Try it!

Ah, thanks. Does it make it want you to schedule your next appointment?

Go for it!

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