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They say a tween is the age between middle childhood and adolescence, usually between eight and 12 years old. I have one of those. She turns 10 today.

She is full of life. She is radiant. She is blooming.

In her room, you’ll find her surrounded with 52 stuffed animals that smile down on her. Bunnies, a leopard, dogs, elephants, owls, an alligator, monkeys, bears, dragons, even a sloth. An “animals of the world” wall poster takes up half her room. Where do pygmy marmosets live? Ah, now I know.

A bookshelf with Dork Diaries, Judy Moody, Judy Bloom, A Secret Garden, and old favorites Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, The Giving Tree, Goodnight Moon, and Curious George. Dusty soccer trophies since she was four.

Posters with horses galloping in snow, in water. One white horse smiles with a pink rose in her mouth.

A red horse stable in the corner with Breyer horses of all sizes sits next to her cash register for playing store.

On her desk is a bin with 200 markers and thick drawing pads, Origami papers for new birds to form, and a sewing machine waiting for new creations. She has mastered purses and animal tails. Tails? To pin on her skirts, of course.

Her dresser spills over with earrings. Her ears were pierced on her ninth birthday. Cute penguins, hearts, butterfly earrings. Trendy dangly feather earrings.

Her iPod is docked by her bed. My alarm skills are no longer required. Adele songs fill her playlist. She knows all of the words.

Drawers are filled with cheetah-print leggings, polka-dot miniskirts, and t-shirts with puppies. She is a colorful being with her own sense of style.

She plays with her puppy every chance she gets. She shops for new earrings. She jumps rope at recess. She draws fanciful dragons. She wears adult-sized shoes; we are nearly the same size. She bakes cookies with me. She likes to cuddle up by her Dad to watch volleyball. She dresses up in capes, wings, and tails and flies through the house with her little brother. She watches The Simpsons with her big brother. She could easily stay up past midnight on weekends if we let her. She plays an aggressive game of soccer. She makes fairy houses out of twigs.

My girl-child-tween-tween is 10 today. This is just the beginning of her blooming.

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Enjoy this time! I found it to be one of the sweetest times with our kids. They are still “kids”, but their thoughts are becoming a little more mature, which makes for some funny discussions. We found at 13-14, it all starts to go a little sideways, but that’s for another discussion. ;o)
Happy “BIRTH” day to you, too!

Aw, thanks! I think this is a wonderful age too. Yep, still a kid but with interesting and fun discussions.


Enjoy this, Pippi!! My Tween turned into a Teen yesterday as she hit 13. So funny to know exactly what you described in your 10-year old’s room because what’s currently in my newly-arrived teen’s room too. I’ll pray for your sanity if you’ll pray for mine.


Indeed. Enjoy all of the ages and stages because like my Grandma always said, “kids grow up so fast.”

Happy birthday to your daughter! Wonder how long she’ll keep her stuffed animals and horse posters?


Aww. What a beautiful tribute to your girl. She sounds lovely 🙂

Thank you so much! Indeed she is!


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