Wednesday is Date Night Around Here


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Wednesdays are reserved for my honey.

Last Wednesday evening, we zoomed down the freeway. I was driving and he sat in the passenger seat. Roxanne by The Police was blaring.

It was an unusually warm October evening and the windows were half-down. The breeze made us smile. The moon was magical, lighting our way.

I reached out and held his hand. He looked back at me lovingly, knowingly. We didn’t need to say anything.

We were looking forward to our adventure ahead and were prepared, with drinks and snacks packed.

We pulled up and parked. We walked, side-by-side.

Dog obedience class.

Every Wednesday is date night with Otis.

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That Otis is one fine-looking guy.

Thank you!

We sure love him…the looks kinda help when he’s naughty. 🙂

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