Maria Rocked The Sound of Music


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It was a decade ago when my husband gifted me a guitar for my birthday. It was the sweetest birthday present ever. Sweet because he was supportive of my “musical dream.”

You see, I kinda wanted to be like Maria from The Sound of Music.

Dorky, right? Are you kidding? Maria was freaking awesome.

I wanted to learn to play Do Re Mi Fa and Old MacDonald Had a Farm for my young son. I was eager to strum along in his Kindergarten class down the line, to entertain the children with my forthcoming talents.

A glistening, wooden acoustic guitar smiled at me, beckoning. With new red picks, a tuner, a guitar case, and everything!

I tried to pluck. I tried to strum. I watched the DVD Playing Guitar for Dummies.

But I couldn’t do it.

I tried. For days. Weeks.

I just couldn’t get the hang of it.

Then, I got pregnant with my daughter. And I got busy with other things. Years passed. My guitar sat lonely in the corner of our living room, gathering dust.

Years later, people would visit and see the guitar and ask, “Cool. Do you play?” “Yeah, I play,” I would lie. Because saying “No, I never learned,” sounded so lame.

I later tried playing from time to time, but I didn’t have the patience (or the skill). I tried Guitar Hero. And I sucked at that too. Red. Green. Blue. Green. Red. Red. Yikes!

Now my daughter is nine and is learning to play the “fancy guitar in the corner of the living room.” We dusted it off. Bought her some new strings and neon picks. She has the patience. And she seems to have some talent.

I smile at her enthusiasm as she strums. And I smile that it was my husband who bought me the guitar in the first place.

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Comments (53)

What an amazing coincidence that you posted about Maria in The Sound of Music. Please take a look at yesterday’s blog post about my favorite blogs. You may recognize a name or two. You may even be on that list!!


Hey! That is so funny and freaky, all at the same time!

I am honored to be on your list. Thank you so much!

And thanks for your support…you make me smile,

How great that your husband essentially bought a gift for a kid who wasn’t even born yet; that’s cool. Guitar is hard, especially until you develop callouses! My kids have played piano for years but one tried guitar (and so I tried to help him, of course) and quickly gave it up.

I love, love the Sound of Music! I watch it every Christmas. I also love that your husband gave you the guitar. Ah, supportive husbands. They are the dreamiest. I mean it.
What a sweet post. I can picture that guitar perfectly.

The soundtrack is the best! I’ll grab some video of my daughter and the “antique” guitar. 🙂

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Yeah that’s true!

I never even got to callouses…impatient, I guess!

Ah, maybe the piano…


man, my husband can rock him some Guitar Hero… but that’s about it. 🙂 i’m glad your guitar has found some hands that have the patience to play it.

I took up piano right before i got pregnant with my first child. I was so into it for months but then life over took my new hobby and i never devoted the time i needed to. but i still have a piano… and children… you’ve given me some hope!

Haha! Mine too! We have Band Hero and we are like the freaking Partridge Family. Husband and oldest son on guitar (we bought extra), daughter on bass, youngest son on drums, and I am, uh, the singer. 🙂

It’s very comical!

Such a sweet little piece of writing. It’s great that your never was ended up being a talent for your daughter. Some greatness was bound to come from that guitar somehow.

Oh I think you should restart the piano! They would love you to play a few Christmas tunes! Go buy yourself a songbook for $9 and get goin’…you can do it!


Oh I love Maria something fierce. And I pulled that learning guitar thing in high school. I think it got pawned at some point. Now my young daughter has a purple guitar from her father, who plays, and the sooner they play me Sound of Music the better.

I do at least play piano sort of still and she is also playing that. Our kids are awesome aren’t they?

Loved this!

Thank you. It’s the little guitar that could…eek talent out of SOMEONE!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

I think you have a guitar-piano trio in your future…I can’t wait to see you on YouTube!

Glad you liked the post,

Who snarks on the wonderfulness that is Maria? It wasn’t your guitar; you just didn’t know it until your daughter picked it up.

My favorite part, of course, is that your husband gave you the guitar which turned out to be in your daughter’s hands. Sweet story! I tried guitar in the sixth grade. It never “took”. Now it sits in my parents’ basement.

I always wished I learned an instrument, like guitar or piano. It’s good that your daughter is learning to play early, methinks!

Maria is bad ass. Guitar is really hard. It took me a long freaking time to learn to play. And guess what? I still suck at Guitar Hero. Great post!

It’s got a dexterity requirement hidden under the frets. My parents BOTH play guitar. I mean like PLAY GUITAR. My Dad was a professional guitar player. (Seriously. He was one of the founding members of Pure Prairie League if you’ve ever heard of them.)


Neither could my sister.

I got the hang of flute kind of in middle school.

I love guitars. They absolutely woo me. And I can’t get a begginer’s G chord.

I was in accordion lessons for about three months when I was in grade five. ACCORDION.

I think because I went to school with two hungarian sisters who played and it seemed logical to me.

I can spell music (PROVED IT), but that’s about it.

It’s cool that your guy is so supportive. I’ve got one like that. Here’s to your daughter giving your guitar a heart that fills your home.

Loved this. First of all, don’t feel guilty for not playing! You never know what hobbies are going to “stick.” I *totally* believe it’s worth indulging a whim from time to time just to try something new and see if maybe it’s your thing. Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not.

I’m glad you kept the guitar around and that your daughter picked it up.

Earlier this year, I acquired my first guitar. (This is that story: Trying to play it makes me appreciate listening to those who really can play so much more! If your daughter is looking for a good female guitar-chick role model, I might recommend Brandi Carlile. She rocks!

We bought a guitar last year and I’m still in the way beginner stage. The fact that my husband had years of lessons isn’t discouraging at all 🙂 My parents and sister all played…somehow I ended up with 8 years of piano lessons and can barely play. But, there sits the guitar. Maybe my dog will show some interest as I have no children 😛

p.s. I think it’s very cool that your daughter is learning to play!

I think it’s awesome your daughter is getting into the guitar!

I am the only non-musical person in my musical family. I’m like the tone-deaf black sheep.

But my 7 month old has started whistling, and he means to, so I’m thinking it skipped a generation and I have a baby Bach on my hands.

As long as he doesn’t go into rap music, it will be good.

Nice post!

I fell in love with my hubby as he played the guitar some 19 years ago when we were college sophomores… And I’ve had absolutely no inclination to learn to play myself.

My five-year-old, though, craves the guitar. Maybe when her hands get a little bigger…

I don’t know, but people snark.

Cool comment!

Maybe it’s time for you to give that guitar to another pair of hands. 🙂

Thanks for your comment!

Methinks it’s not too late for you to learn!


Haha, yeah, she’s a bad ass! Oh and Guitar Hero is way hard!


At least you have an appreciation for them. I am woo’d by them too, especially Spanish guitar and the Spanish guys playing!


P.S. I’m gonna check out Pure Prairie League. Now I’m intrigued!

Accordion?! That is so funny and cool, all at the same time.

Thanks for the lovely comments!

Very cool that you are learning too. I will read your post.

You’re right about hobbies, whether they are for adults or children. Try them out and see what works. For example, I tried indoor soccer four years ago and love it. I also tried scrapbooking and hate it. 🙂

Thanks for your comments!

My dog would show some interest in chewing it! 🙂 I think you’ve got to really really want to do something in order to follow through, especially things that are time consuming (that aren’t work). It’s good you’re giving it a go, but you may discover it’s not your thing. Or maybe it is! Let me know how you’re doing with it in six months!

Thanks for sharing,

I, too, am the tone-deaf black sheep. Haha! Sounds like it skipped a generation in your family…go baby Bach!

Thanks for writing and the nice comment,

Cool that your daughter may have inherited your husband’s musical genes!

Thanks for writing!

So awesome that the guitar found it’s rightful home! I love the Sound of Music. I even went on the tour in Salzburg, which was amazingly interesting and – surprisingly – not hokey!

My husband plays bass in a band, and my son plays guitar and various other instruments. I, on the other hand, am the perpetual fan. And I suck at Guitar Hero probably even worse than you do!

I love that your daughter is enjoying playing music. It’s such a wonderful facet to add to your life — even if you are solely on the listening end.

I love your comment about enjoying music “even if you are solely on the listening end.” Yep, that’s me!

I bet it’s fun to cheer on your family.

Way cool!

Ooh, that tour sounds cool!

I’ll have to look into that for “someday.”


Such a lovely and thoughtful gift from your husband. And it’s so nice that now your daughter can benefit from it, even if you didn’t use it. Maybe she can teach you someday!

I love that your daughter is rocking the guitar!

I always thought that would be cool, too. To get to play the guitar for my kids. Alas, I play the oboe and the french horn, neither of which lend themselves to fun family music time.

Maybe I will learn “someday” and just need a good teacher.


Well she certainly is trying! More than I did!


I bet you totally rock the French horn and oboe! Sounds fun to me!


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Very interesting article. I wonder how the daughter knew her father committed these murders. I think it would be difficult to live with that knowledge – maybe that explains the phone calls.Love you.

I just love Cuttyhunk!!!! Tight access channel and harbor but absolutely wonderful. I’m looking forward to another trip there this summer. Fantastic raw bar. So glad you all got to enjoy it. ~chris

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