Is Your Garbage Disposal Full of Popcorn Kernels?


Posted by peskypippi | Posted in Attitude | Posted on 01-10-2012

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You may see a pile of brown bananas. I see ingredients for banana bread.

You may see overgrown hair on my child’s head. I see potential for gelled sculptures.

You may see heaps of laundry that need folding. I see colorful clothes that helped us work hard and play hard.

You may see toothpaste globs on our bathroom sink. I see pretty, white teeth smiling at me.

You may see sand in my car. I remember that fantastic beach trip last month.

You may see blankets strewn on our sofas. I see cuddles in front of movies.

You may see dog hair on my wood floors. I see lots of dog-loving going on.

You may see fingerprints on my refrigerator. I see self-sufficient kids making their own snacks.

You may see bins overflowing in my attic. I see Christmas lights, Halloween costumes, Easter baskets, and camping supplies.

You may see muddy soccer cleats. I see a game well played.

You may hear a garbage disposal full of popcorn kernels. I hear the leftover fun from movie night.

You may look at me and see chaos. I look at myself and see a full life.

You may see a glass half empty. I see a glass half full…and make mine a beer, please.



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Comments (6)

That’s awesome!!! Love it.


Thanks! Do you lead a “full life” as well?

Yeah, I thought so!

well said =)

Thank you!


Okay so actually my trash really is filled with popcorn kernels. Swear to god. And I’m craving a beer big time!

Haha! #twins


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