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If you have seen the movie Marley and Me, then you already know my Labrador puppy Otis, who just turned six months old. One word sums him up: zest.

Otis eats with zest. A bowl of food is gone in 5 seconds flat.

He drinks with zest. He slurps and then water drips down his chin.

He loves with zest. Always ready for a hug and cuddle (and maybe some accidental French kissing).

He snatches sandwiches with zest. One turn of the head and your turkey sandwich is gone.

He sleeps with zest. Stretched out, paws and belly in the air.

He shreds cardboard boxes with zest.

He digs large holes in the yard with zest.

He is lovable and a pain in the ass and playful and sweet and naughty. And he is already part of our family.

Here are pictures of him at the beginning of Summer and on his half-year birthday.

Otis at nine weeks.

Otis at six months.

Happy six-month birthday, you crazy-awesome big boy!

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OMG I can’t get over the sweetness that is that face!!! I’ve got a permanent AWWWWWW going on right now that if I don’t stop, is going to get me found out by my boss!

He’s adorable!!!

A tip to stop him from eating so quickly, put a tennis ball in his food bowl for a few meals. It stopped my Cosmo from wolfing down his food. Now he takes his time. He just does everything ELSE at lightning speed.

Beautiful doggy!!

It’s his sweet face that lets him get by with all of the naughtiness! And thank you.

I will try the tennis ball trick. And maybe I need to add one to my dinners too. Haha!

Congratulations! Your puppy is prettier than me.

Oh my gosh, look at that naughty boy! I want just eat him up, he’s so cute 🙂

I always say, the reason puppies were made to be so completely adorable, is so they could live to be adults. They are soo bad, but so dang cute. Especially labs, there is just something about their faces 🙂

Hahaha! Oh yeah? Me too. 🙂


Hahaha! I think you’re right. Sooo bad but so dang cute. Kinda like rock stars, huh? 🙂


What a zesty sweetie! Ellen

Thank you! We love him to bits!


I simply cannot understand people who don’t have dogs. They are people with perfect yards (but without holes). People with perfect (unchewed) shoes. People with holes in their hearts that only an Otis, Ling Ling or Buddy the Moosedawg can fill. Happy birthday, Otis. Time to go get into some mischief!

No kidding! And well said! “People with holes in their hearts…” Now I am dying to see photos of Ling Ling and Buddy!


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