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Who knew that at gymnastics class
The other Mom would behave like an ass
When I tried to sit down
She responded in frown
And said “Seat’s taken” (you unworthy lass)

Yeah that.

I’m not sure who gave Moms the right to treat fellow Moms so poorly. What?! Your purse sitting on the empty chair–as a place-saver for someone else, who obviously is not here?? How am I supposed to watch my son climbing the rope, as he looks over to wave at me, so that I can wave back and give him a thumbs up?

From a standing position, by the door, obviously.

I felt like young Forrest Gump as he boards the school bus with his gimpy leg, and no one lets him sit by them. Except Jenny.

A tip to that Mom: the next time you are in a crowded waiting area, try to be more like Jenny and less of a “seat’s taken” kinda person.

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With my brood I am involved in A LOT of sports. So far the kids have been involved in/are still involved in soccer, swimming, baseball, football, basketball, dance, and gymnastics. Each group of parents is different. I love/hate things about all the different attitudes that each sport brings out in the parental units. Gymnastics/dance was hands down the worst group of people (mainly woman) EVER!

Don’t worry, Pippi! You can always sit next to me! And, we can even eat a 3 course meal together!!!!

Awesomeness! We’d have lots to talk about, I am sure!

Thanks for being so Jenny!

So many sports and activities you have! I guess it takes all types of parents to make things, oh so much more “interesting.” 🙂

Thanks for writing…and hang in there Shuttle Queen!

Lame. At my daughter’s gymanstics, there have been times when I’ve felt on the outside of the “mom click” (momentary sigh … so sad and lonely ;)) .. then I take a closer look and think “THANK GOD!!!” Those people are nuts. (only a slight generalization – think Dance Moms)

And anyone who saves a seat for a mystery no-show person might have a flatulence problem. You were probably better off standing in the doorway. HA!

I was totally thinking the same thing:

1. “Mom Click” and I’m not part of it.
2. Flatulence problem.


WOW-that is just RUDE! We haven’t experienced that yet but i’m sure it’s not too far off.

I hope you never do. May you only encounter Jennys!


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