25 Things You Didn’t Know About Pippi


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Like all celebrities (ha ha), I thought I’d create my own list.

Here are 25 things you didn’t know about Pippi:

  1. I hate pancakes.
  2. I wear lipstick to take out the trash.
  3. I love to floss.
  4. I love reading to my kids.
  5. I hate coffee.
  6. I like the smell of horse poop.
  7. I am rarely without chewing gum.
  8. I have never had a martini.
  9. I love flowers but don’t like gardening.
  10. I am a glass-half-full kind of person.
  11. I want to travel to India.
  12. I don’t like holding other peoples’ babies.
  13. I rescue spiders.
  14. I am thankful for something every day.
  15. I like the idea of meditating but can’t sit still long enough to do it.
  16. I take 3,000 photos a year.
  17. My favorite flowers are sunflowers.
  18. I often fall asleep during movies.
  19. I am addicted to House Hunters International.
  20. I hate going out for breakfast.
  21. I am learning to be more selfish.
  22. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be beans.
  23. I have a crush on Martha Stewart.
  24. I like to jog to clear my head.
  25. I have eaten cake out of the trash.

Comment if we have anything in common!

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Comments (17)

Interesting list, I have eaten Pizza out the bin if that counts? I also love jogging to clear my head although I very rarely do so.
Beans though? Eurgh, I would definitely pick cheese!

I’ve NEVER had a martini, love reading to my kids and often fall asleep during movies too! I don’t like coffee but I usually try a sip every few years to see if my tastes have changed.

I want to go to India too. Maybe we will end up there together.

I need to learn to be more selfish and less of a people pleaser–working on that.

You are awesome, almost cousin. 🙂

Love it!! I feel like I know you just a little bit better now 😉 bx

Pizza out of the bin counts!

I have made more time for jogging…you can too! We all need clear-your-head time.

Oh and I love cheese but I was trying to think…hmmmm…what would I need to survive…protein and fiber. #boring 🙂

Thanks for writing!

I wonder if I should try coffee again. I love the smell, but yikes, the taste!

Let’s have martinis when we meet up. 🙂


What is it about India that makes it so enticing? For me, it’s the colors, the spices, and wanting to ride an elephant!

People-pleasing is so exhausting. I soooo know this. Step by step you can be more selfish. For me, it’s carving out more time to jog, paint my nails, and read.

You’re awesome too!

You read me like an open book. #50shades


How you are able to be a busy mother of three and work without drinking coffee and martinis is beyond me! 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of plain coffee, but I love vanilla lattes and I make one every morning. The milk and vanilla help offset the coffee taste that might be too bitter for you. I’ll make you one that you can sample the next time I come up! Have a good night! 🙂

I will try it holding my breath! You can’t mask the taste of coffee, though I will tolerate mocha almond fudge ice cream. 🙂


I keep picturing your lipstick wearing self digging around in the trash for some delicious cake. I can’t stop giggling.

I don’t like to hold other people’s babies either. They scare me to death even after having my own. I’m pretty sure I won’t do it right, or will drop them, or trip, or make them cry.

Hahaha! I’ve only eaten cake out of my own trash…only because we’ve tossed it because we’ve had enough and the diet is back on. And, yet, there I am eating chunks of cake. Did you ever see the Sex and the City episode where Miranda does the exact same thing? 🙂

Yeah, I’m uncomfortable with other babies. I mean, they just stare at you!

Thanks for writing and sharing!

So out of all those things, we dislike coffee. That’s it!

But I like you, so there we go.

I’m pretty sure anyone who has read your blog for any amount of time already knew #10 🙂

I’m with ya on the coffee… as much as I want to like it, it’s really nasty.

Aw, that’s sweet of you!

I just need to brush my teeth first thing and I’m set! #skipthecoffee


There’s another thing…we both nearly pooped our pants as adults. #yayus



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