It’s All Good


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I have a friend who is always saying “it’s all good.”

But is IT all good?

She has a positive view of life. She seems to shrug off the bad. Or deals with it without dwelling on it.

Her attitude is contagious and inspiring.

Her husband was a soldier in Iraq. He came home, fortunately. Yet, an errant mortar had exploded when he was on duty, damaging his eye and breaking his jaw. He now has a glass eye that he can’t see out of. Yet despite all that has happened to him, he once said, “All things considered, I’d say I’m pretty lucky to be here.”

Instead of dwelling on the eye he can’t see out of, he focuses on the other eye. And the fact that he is ALIVE.

I am inspired.

He is a hero. She is too. Both, for their incredibly positive attitudes.

Tomorrow is National Day of Service and Remembrance, marking the anniversary of September 11. I encourage you to do something positive. Do something good.

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