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It is nearing the end of summer and our family is a bit weathered. You can feel the energy slowly eeking, wearing us down.

  • My kids seem tired. Too much playing? Too much fun?
  • The flowers are spent. Too much blooming? Too much color?
  • The car is filthy. Too many road trips? Too many activities? Too many snacks?
  • My skin is weathered. Too much sun?

The community pool is now closed for the summer. Already. Drained. Empty. A drained pool is so depressing, I tweeted. My friend @RayChatie tweeted, “I love this tweet! In a simple fact it speaks of emptiness when once there was joy, the passage of time, memories of lost days.”

Time to rest up this week and re-energize because Fall is upon us. Next week: Labor Day. Bringing early morning schedules, school, homework, shuttling, deadlines, practices, commitments, appointments, kids’ sports, activities, meetings.

All the “have tos” that are Fall in a busy family.

Good-bye Summer. We will miss you.

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My daughter started her 3rd week of school today, so we’re fully into post-summer swing. The only thing that reminds us is the snow cone stand which is, thankfully, still open Summer hours at the Farmer’s Market until after Labor Day.

I remember not even starting school until after Labor Day. What the heck happened?

Yeah, you are for sure in post-summer swing! How’s it going? We start the day after Labor Day, just like I remembered as a kid. But they just drained the community pool, which is a slap-in-the-face reminder that summer is nearly over. Gotta love the snow cone stands!

Get a half-cherry/half-grape and think of me. 🙂

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