Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


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Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Unless it’s a button that just went up your daughter’s nose. A few years back, when we were vacationing in Canada, my daughter quickly located the miniature sewing kit in the bathroom, with the oh-so-pretty, shiny buttons.

And she promptly stuck one up her nose. Way up.

Yikes. So far up did that button travel, that we hesitated to prod with a finger.

Crap. Do they have 911 in Canada? Didn’t we pass an Emergency Room en route to our hotel?

We were sweating the small stuff.

Fortunately, my oldest son suggested she blow it out, like a booger.

Out it came. And off to dinner we went.

The end.

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I was so confused. That’s the name of my blog! It’s pretty much my life’s goal to not let small stuff get to me & to take joy in the nice little things!
I love this story. “Like a booger.”

That’s too funny. Glad the button came right out. I swallowed a button once when I was little… it came out as well. Just not through my nose! 🙂

I bet I can guess which hole. 🙂

Thanks for, uh, sharing!


That is such a good attitude! Oh and I love your blog!


Oh, what a lovely story! It has a plot, characters, conflict, resolution, even setting and theme. I wish my students’s stories had any of those. Sigh.

Oh, thank you! They’ll get better with age. 🙂


HAHA!!! Two of the most classic family stories that we have are about the time my brother stuck a carrot up his nose that required an emergency room visit to remove, and the time my cousin stuck a bead up his nose that took ages to get out. Kids and their noses… Good story making stuff! Well done!

Hahaha ick! My mom lucked out i think – my sis and I never stuck anything up there.

This made me giggle. We were just reminiscing about when my oldest was little. He never put anything in his mouth. Ever. Until we visited family and he quickly swallowed a quarter. In front of everyone. We were totally sweating the small stuff. Erin

Oh no! Quarters are kinda big…I would be sweating that one out too (and yeah, it probably came out the other end, huh).

Thanks for sharing!

Whew for her!


A carrot? That sounds painful. I know about those pesky beads too. What IS it with nostrils and weird things going in them?

Thanks for comment!

Phew! I absolutely love the simplicity of this post. Totally to the point, without any fluff. Well done. great story.

I’m glad my kids have never stuck anything up their nose (and yes there is a 911 in Canada lol) Of course now that I’ve proclaimed my children not stuffers of things up their nose…I have jinxed myself!

Thank you so much! You made me smile.


I did this with a barbie tennis ball when I was little. I was alone in the bathroom and afraid it would never come out. I’m not sure how long carried on, hoping not to be found out, before I came up with the nose blow.


Kids and stuff and noses. Oh my!

May they never stuff anything up their noses and only use buttons for crafting. 🙂


Oh no! Those are super tiny and I can imagine they would be hard to come out!

Deuce, anyone? Yikes. 🙂

Thanks for sharing!

OMG! A button up her nose! How did she do that? But thank God she blew them out.

Who knows why? It was a small button and it was a small nostril. Seemed perfectly logical!


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