“I’m Bored.”


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“I’m bored.”

You’re WHAT??!!

I can’t accept boredom from children. My children or anyone’s children. At my house. In the middle of summer.

  • There are crafts. Bendaroos. Play-doh. Modeling clay. Water paint. Acrylics. Markers. Stickers. Stamps. Hole punchers.
  • There’s a puppy. He loves to play. And cuddle. And wrestle. And fetch.
  • There’s Xbox 360 and Kinect. Party games, sports games, Lego games, shooter games, dance games.
  • There are board games. Would You Rather? Sorry. Monopoly. Trouble. Operation. Bird Bingo. And about 20 others.
  • There are outside toys. Bikes. Scooters. Pogo Stick. Roller skates. Full-size basketball hoop. Chalk. Giant bubbles. Frisbees.
  • There’s an outside swimming pool, sandbox, swingset. Or I’d be happy to set up the sprinkler.
  • Nerf guns. AirSoft guns if you’re over 13.
  • Oh yeah and what about tag. Kick ball. Hide-and-go-seek.
  • Snacks. Pizza. Juice. Ice cream sandwiches. Watermelon cut in wedges.
  • There are Legos. Zoobles. Littlest Pet Shop. Star Wars figures. Ponies. Barbies. And, oh, about 58 stuffed animals.
  • Movies. Take your pick.

Do kids really need prompting these days? Do they need an activity list of things to choose from?


When I was a kid and was told, “Go and play.” I did. And I didn’t ask what to play.

I chased after the ice cream truck on my bike. My sister and I played Frogger on Atari. I read everything by Judy Blume. I showed my friend how Barbie and Ken could make babies. I sketched. I played kickball and Nerf football with the neighbor kids in the street. I caught frogs and lightning bugs at my Dad’s. I did rubber stamps and stickers. I sprawled on my friend’s pink carpet while listening to the Grease soundtrack. I crank-called strangers. I practiced kissing in the mirror. I tried out cookie recipes. I wrote in my diary. I bought Fun Dip and Jolly Rancher Sticks at 7-11. I stared at the clouds. I watched The Brady Bunch and The Beverly Hillbillies. I made those goofy nylon potholders with my goofy potholder loom.

And if I said “I’m bored,” I would be given chores, which quickly shut me up.

So, if you’re a kid at my house and I hear “I’m bored,” I just may hand you a shovel. And you can pick up dog poop. #choices

What are some of the things YOU did as a kid?


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