Danger: Parenting Ahead


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Sometimes as a parent, you need to truly parent. And use your best judgement and foresight.

Even if it means that you will piss off your daughter.

One day, on a family hike in a scenic area near Mount St. Helen’s my nine-year-old daughter wanted to lead the way down the dangerous trail, as my family proceeded in single file.

The “danger” signs did not lie.

In fact, they made me second-guess myself. Was this hike indeed a good choice? Or would we have been better off taking pictures of wildflowers in the open field? Where it was flat and safe.

We proceeded. As a family unit.

We carefully stepped and navigated, while I barked out orders like I had Tourette’s syndrome: “Step carefully!” “Hold my hand!” “Slow down!” “Stay BEHIND me!”

My daughter started off the hike in a foul mood, because she didn’t get her way.

The rapids were below us. Way below. Crashing against volcanic rock. The path was skinny, with gravel causing your foot to slip. The path made sharp descents, forcing us to side step and grip onto the person’s hand behind you.

At the halfway mark, we paused and took in the views. My daughter was grinning. Happy again. We all were. The views were amazing. We were a unit, embarking on this adventure together.  The experience was full of lessons. Seven, in fact:

  1. Parents know things.
  2. Kids don’t always know everything, even if they think they do.
  3. Nature is beautiful.
  4. Families work best when they work as a team.
  5. Parents need to parent.
  6. Parents make mistakes.
  7. Hard things are worth doing.

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Comments (10)

Oh, kids. It’s their job to make parenting challenging 😉 Anyhow, you do have a beautiful family, Pippi!

Oh my goodness! Good thing you stood firm on going first! I love lesson #2 🙂

Wow! Gorgeous photos!!

And your seven lessons are spot on. I’m glad your daughter decided to have a good time after all.

Thanks! Life sure is full of life lessons, huh?


Yeah, sometimes you have to stand firm even if it makes you not-so-popular. 🙂

Ha! Thanks for writing!

Seems as if I am challenged every day. 🙂

Thanks much!

i think hiking is a stressful family event, ryan never seems very relaxed, but we still do it cuz its nice to be in nature, we all enjoy talking with our heads down & at the end we know we did it 🙂 🙂 but i get it, i have a middle girl who likes to lead as well, and sometimes saying no puts them in a foul mood but that’s ok 🙂 🙂 that’s a good emotion for them to learn too!

Ugh. You just reminded me of all the hikes we had to drag the kids on. Inevitably, they would end up having a good time, but we’d have to drive there soaking in minivan full of whine.

Sometimes family activities are just not worth the effort, huh? This one was, but I’ve cheerled many that have sucked!

When there’s too much whine, might need to add more wine. 😉

You’re right! It’s good for kids to experience all the emotions: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thanks for writing!

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