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This is a little story about a boy and the piano recital that wasn’t. But then it was.

My youngest son has been taking piano lessons for six months. Every Wednesday after school, we trekked to the piano teacher’s house, where the piano is nestled in the dank-smelling basement. The teacher? She is vibrant, calm, smiling, talented, and a wearer of scarves and hats. The kind of hats you would buy at a street fair. With a faux flower tucked in the brim.

She encouraged my son that he could learn a song. And he did.

The Charlie Brown theme song aka “Linus and Lucy” has been practiced multiple times a day. For days. Weeks. Months.

Over time, my son got pretty good. Plinking away. Wrists up! Read the notes! Don’t memorize!

The piano teacher held a Summer Recital in a fancy auditorium, where children and their parents were requested to wear fancy clothes.

It was a big deal.

My son was ready. And then a few days before the recital, he came down with an eye infection, causing his left eye to swell shut. His left side of his throat and left ear were swollen too. A few doctor visits. Specialists. Bottom line: no recital.

No recital?! No video of my baby playing the piano, dressed in his finest? No bow at the end?

The reality was, I was just overjoyed the antibiotics kicked in. And his eye was slowly starting to open again.

So several weeks later, we had our own recital. At home. We all gathered around the keyboard. I wore a dress. My son played his song. There was a standing ovation. We popped the apple cider. It was indeed a celebration.

There was lots to celebrate.

As parents, we all learn this. That things change. In the blink of an eye.

This is not my son playing. Give him 15 years and he just may…


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This made me teary-eyed. I remember you tweeting about him being too sick to play in the recital. So glad he had his own private recital.

Aw, thanks. Yeah, we had to make our own recital. And he still got the Lego present we promised. A good ending. 🙂


You are the sweetest Mum Pip! So encouraging to your kids – they’ll remember these things when they’re older 🙂

Aw, that’s sweet of you to say!


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