It’s the Journey, Silly, Not the Destination


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I have high expectations. And I am a planner. These two traits sometimes get in the way of being mellow and living in the moment.

The other day was a go-with-the-flow day. I took two of my children to spend a day in the country. No plans. Just: let’s see what we will see and stop where and when we want.

Guess what?

It was awesome!

We visited a lavender field, bought fresh-off-the-tree peaches, met a fine horse, and encountered peaceful butterflies.

It was a fun-filled day–not forced or planned. And it exceeded my expectations. In fact, I’m thinking about planning another outing soon 🙂

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Aside from the horse bit- it sounds like it was the perfect little outing!

It was perfect!

Thanks for writing!

This looks like a fun outing!! where?!?! I wanna go to a lavender farm & pick peaches 🙂 🙂 hood river?

i am the same as you – trying to blend those two characteristics, being a planner w/ going with the flow. I struggle 🙂 🙂

Yep, Hood River.

The thing is, you need to plan an outing but kinda go with the flow while you’re on the outing? Who knows? Trying to make the best of it!

Have fun!

gorgeous pictures and I’m glad you were able to go with the flow.

Thanks! I have to remind myself that all the time because it doesn’t really come naturally for me.


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