Am I Turning into an Old Lady?


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Commenting on how time flies and how kids are growing like a weed…those are old lady comments, in my book. Purchasing fiber capsules and complaining about my hardened feet and sore muscles? OMG, old lady comments.

Dude! I am turning into an old lady!

  • A friend of mine has a daughter who just got accepted to Dartmouth. Not only is that amazing and impressive, but I knew this woman when she was pregnant with this little Dartmouthian. What did I utter? “Wow, she sure has grown up.”*

*old lady comment

  • I was on Facebook and ran across a woman who just got married. A beautiful bride. I knew her when she was a six-year-old. What did I comment? “I knew you when you were just a little girl.”*

*old lady comment

  • The radio was on and it was Rihanna. Again. The words out of my mouth? “How can kids listen to this?”* Bah, music these days. And I changed it to the jazz station to listen to–get this–Eartha Kitt and Tommy Dorsey.

*old lady comment

  • I go to the kitchen cabinet only to discover I’m low on–what else? Fiber capsules.*

*old lady purchase

My thirteen-year-old officially towers over me, standing tall at 6′. Am I shrinking, like old ladies do? I quickly measured myself. Whew, still 5’8″.

Then I jumped in the car (because I still can) and drove fast (because I still can), blasted some Rihanna, and stocked up on fiber capsules.


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You’re not old at all 🙂

Haha! Funny Pip!!! I find myself making dreaded old man comments all the time 🙂

I’ve been saying old lady comments since I was 12. Apparently, I use “oh dear” often enough that my son now says it. Poor kid.

Ha! Piglet from Winnie the Pooh also says “oh dear” and it’s so cute!


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