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I returned home from a camping trip with my family. To the same old campsite we go every year. The same old trees. The same old lake. The same old dock. The same old hiking trails. The same old s’mores, spray cheese, hot dogs, and bean dip.

That’s what makes this trip so special to me. It’s one of our annual traditions. And it brings us back to connecting as a family. And to nature.

No, we don’t sing Cumbaya around the campfire (yeah…have you HEARD me sing? #frightful).

Besides the pure, natural beauty of camping in the Pacific Northwest, there’s the beauty of simplicity. Face it, we don’t have to make difficult decisions while camping:

  • hike or swim?
  • play Monopoly or Sorry?
  • explore or bike?
  • Oreos or Chips Ahoy?
  • balance on the logs or skip rocks?
  • sit in the sun or sit in the shade?

We met up with a forest ranger named Jennifer at a “campfire talk” on ecosystems. She distributed neon rubber wristbands that say “Smokey’s Friend.” I am still wearing mine. And I probably won’t take it off for awhile.

This simple bracelet is a reminder of the quality time I spent with my family…connecting and enjoying the simpler things in life.


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Fun times! I wish we had time to do something like this over the summer break. But now everyone has their own responsibilities and activities. No time. 🙁

Bummer! We plan this trip every year so it’s a “must do.” Plus it makes for a cheap getaway.

Maybe you can go on a hike and bring a picnic?

Those pictures are beautiful…as are you! I have that same pink t-shirt and my dad was a forest ranger once upon a time so I am more than a little obsessed with Smokey the Bear!

You’re stinkin’ cute as heck. What great pics!
When did you start going with your kids? Hubben & I used to go before our Munchkin came along. She’s 2 now, and I think probably still a bit young. Though I have contemplated a cabin or rented RV as a starter trip … or maybe pitching the tent in the backyard! 🙂

Thank you on both accounts! Your dad was a forest ranger? Cool. I think my daughter wants to be one.

Thanks for writing!

Thanks so much!

I think three is a good time to start bringing the kids. That’s when we started going…so for 10 years now. We made the mistake of bringing my infant daughter along once and she cried in the middle of the night in the tent…and I was worried she woke up the whole campsite. After that, we made a you-need-be-at-least-three-to-camp-with-us rule. 🙂

A tent in your backyard might be fun!

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