Can You Bottle That?


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You know how Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton wore vials of each other blood around their necks?

Well, my daughter and I wear vials of silver glitter around our necks–they are pendants of sorts–with the word SHINE written in calligraphy nestled inside.

Quirky art pieces we bought at a local antique store on Mother’s Day.

And while not as headline-making as the vials of blood, these vials are magical. And they have special powers.

What are their powers? They make us feel special, especially when we wear them in unison.

As we were selecting the necklaces, I told my daughter something like this: “You are special. You are full of light. You shine. Wear this proudly and with confidence. Don’t let anyone put you down and take your shine away.”

That message is important and the necklaces serve as reminders, in case we forget or in case we are having a crappy day. Because of that, they are worth infinitely more than the $15 we sprang for each one. In fact, they are priceless.

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That is so sweet! My daughter gifted me a super cheap bracelet once (it’s breaking all the time and I keep fixing it), but I wear it and every time I do she smiles and laughs at me for wearing it (she’s almost 15 now). It just means so much to me!

Aw, that means a lot. I treasure those kinds of things too.


That is lovely. 🙂
And much more meaningful than fodder for paparazzi.

Aw, thanks. I guess I just need a reminder from time to time.


That’s gorgeous Pip! I’m gonna do that with my girls too!! I love how you inspire others x

Awesome! I suck at crafting (and have to buy others’ stuff) but the message is impactful.

Girls need a good message like that. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words!

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