“Mom, You’re An Animal Murderer”


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That’s not something you hear every day. Yet, I’ve heard it twice.

Kill two birds with one Mom.

The second story goes like this. It was a sunny day, the kind of day where you hear the birds sing. A handsome Robin flew into our garage and perched on the rafters. We noticed him when my son and I unloading groceries from Costco.

I opened up the garage so it would fly out.

My bad.

Instead of flying out to freedom, the bird got caught between the garage door and the ceiling. He was crushed. And fell to the ground. Dead. Legs-in-the-air dead.

My son’s mouth dropped open. He was pissed. “MOM! YOU’RE AN ANIMAL MURDERER!” he yelled. I felt like crap.

See, I’m the type of person who couldn’t slaughter my own meat if I were a pioneer woman. So killing a bird with my two hands (and a garage door opener) made me guilt-ridden.

But oh, there’s a first story.

A perfectly white homing pigeon visited. It bobbed around our driveway and would perch on the fence. We fed it bird seed. He was gentle and nearly ate out of our hands.

Every morning, we’d scamper outside to see if our pigeon was still there. He was! He liked us. He was our newest pet.

Then one day, the kids were piled in the backseat, I backed up the car, I killed that pigeon. I stopped when I heard the “thunk.” And I knew. My heart sank.

We all clamored out. Red oozed onto white.

The chorus yelled, “”MOM! YOU’RE AN ANIMAL MURDERER!”

Another bird, another burial, another guilty Mom, another life lesson.

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Poor thing (You and the Birds) I did’nt have a bird problem I had a problem for the longest time that everytime my son would get fish I would kill them for some reason. So the family has not had fish since my oldest son was 3yrs old. So good luck in the future that no more little birds get in your path so your kids can put the bird murderer to rest.

Aw, fish do seem to die pretty quickly. Yes! May the birds stay clear of my path. 🙂


Ok, as a certified vet tech, I’ve actually had to place the needle that would deliver the final, fatal dose of relief to beloved old pets; cats, dogs, horses… I’m the enemy. Honestly, I did it out of love and mercy (and because the doctor told me to and it’s part of my job, level of anti-enjoyment ranked right up there above chihuahua dentistry, and expressing anal glands *gag*) I always felt bad, saying goodbye to these old friends, while their beloved owners tearfully observed. I had one little boy tell me, “Well Lady, I hope your happy. You just killed my best friend.” What do you even say to that?! “Well, Son… Your mother just paid me to. Have a nice day.”
(not really I didn’t say that)
Welcome to the Dark Side, tweety killer. 😉

Oh, poor you. And the birds. And the kids. That happens. But it’s not that simple when you’ve got crying or accusatory kids, is it?

I got in trouble for letting the cat eat a cricket yesterday. I can’t imagine what the penalty for a bird would be.

I’m so glad you wrote. I can imagine that working at a vet has got to be a tough job. “You just killed my best friend???” Yikes. You’re just doing your job. I’ve had to take two dogs to the vet to get put to sleep. Horrible, worst-day-ever kind of days. I can imagine that you have to toughen up and just do your job, huh?

Loved your last comment. LOL!

Thanks for reading (and commenting!),

They yelled! They screamed! They made me feel even crappier!

A cricket? Yeah, I’m scared about bigger prey. 🙂

Thanks for writing!

This is very sad – he was a pretty pigeon. Perhaps we need to get you one of those back up cameras installed.

Indeed! I hope to never run over anything again!


That is freakishly weird.

Just sayin’

Watch out, Tweetie Bird!


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