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Kickball. Two teams. Two captains. Time to pick teams.

There were always the best players who could kick a home run every time. There were the fast players, who could round the bases with little effort. I was both.

Then there were the kids who were picked last. Their dejected faces drooping, as they shuffled over to the rest of their team. Were their feelings hurt? Did they know they lacked mad kickball skills? Did they know they sorta sucked?

I never knew because I was always a team captain or one of the first to get picked. I was one of the tallest girls in 8th grade. Long legs. Athletic. I excelled at kickball.

It wasn’t until later in life that I started getting picked last. And let me tell you, it sucks.

I play indoor women’s soccer and the teams get formed on the spot. You show up wearing a dark shirt or a white shirt. Forming teams is usually pretty easy. The dark shirts vs. the white shirts. Except sometimes teams are a little skewed. And some player shuffling goes on. I am usually picked, oh, about sixth.

There are six players on the field. Do the math.

I’m still tall tallish and I still have long legs. But I’m not as athletic as I used to be. I definitely do not excel at soccer. But I am decent. I try hard. OK, I try my best. I get sweaty. I’m a team player. I’m competitive. I cannot help but do the comparison:

Pippi = Rudy. Sort of.

You know Rudy? That kid had heart. Even though he only played during the game for like eight minutes.

When I go grocery shopping, I can’t help but think about picking teams, especially when it’s time to select the apples. Pick the shiny, firm apples? Or pick a few that have a little dent or a bruise?

Yeah, I’m that sucker who feels sorry for fruit.

For every half dozen apples I select, I grab a deformed one and vow to eat it first when I get home. Because no one likes getting picked last.

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I was always picked last. And I was not competitive enough to care, LOL! Except when it came to performing arts — I wanted to shine as an actress/singer/dancer. Until I realized that I am still not a competitive enough person to market myself constantly. I like to think I’m a slightly bruised strawberry or something.

This is wonderful. I used to be the first picked in basketball. People WANTED me on their team. Now, at 340 pounds, people want me to just not have a heart attack during the pick up. I also love what you’re doing for the apples. Then, finally, from my hero Hank Hill: “Haven’t you kids ever heard of Rudy? Little firecracker of a never-say-quit that played for Notre Dame. Died of cancer after the big game I think.”

Thanks for the smile. Happy to be here, reading.

Aww, I like that you are a sucker that feels sorry for fruit. We need more people like you in the world.

Ha, thanks. You made me smile with that comment.

Gonna buy some nectarines today. Watch out!

So glad! Thank you,

Then I would probably pick you!

I am competitive and also senstive, so not getting picked both pisses me off and hurts my feelings. There’s that!

Thanks for writing!

What a sweet post. I was that girl who was picked last and, yes, it sucks. But there was sweet justice one day when I won the state high school swim meet. 🙂

Aw, thanks for your comment.

Glad you like bruised apples and Rudy too.

Ya made me smile,

P.S. I bet you’d make a good basketball guard. I’d pick you.

Great post. I usually got picked somewhere in the middle. I was cool with that.

One little thing. Rudy played football. Innings are baseball. 🙂

That’s awesome you stud, you!

Thanks for your comment!

Haha! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂 I fixed it!


Hi Pippi! Just found you over at YeahWrite! and I’ll definitely be back. Great post!

Thank you for addressing something that every one of us has felt at some point! I know I feel it often. I was never into team sports not because I don’t like being a part of a team (I do – and always am at my day job) it’s that I never wanted to feel like I was the one letting everyone else down.

I just started blogging last month, and decided to join the pool of 50 fabulous writers this week at YeahWrite! #63. I don’t care at all about being picked, but I love being a part of a group that is so welcoming and open to all!

I’m so glad you stopped by my blog! Thanks for your nice comments. Yeah Write is a great community and even if you don’t “get picked,” you get read. And that means a lot!

I’ll be sure to swing by your blog too.

Thanks again,

I was always one of the smallest girls in my class. I took ballet. I was always picked last but I didn’t really care because if I had had a choice I would have been doing something I liked instead of using my face as bait for random balls being hurled in my direction.

I never feel bad for fruit, but I do feel bad for the single fork in the dishwasher. Doesn’t it get lonely in there? Couldn’t someone else use some silverware so this one would have some company?

Aw, I agree, it stinks. Usually, I could hang around in the middle

You are officially the cutest thing ever.
I also feel sorry for inanimate objects and produce, but you tell the tale so much better than I could!
Great job!

“Even if you don’t ‘get picked’, you get read.”

Love. That.


I like this post. I like the honesty both about your child self and your adult self. 🙂

Aw, thanks. That’s me: honest. Mostly. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

It’s true. I love to be part of this community. Oh and can I please borrow a stick of butter?

Thanks for swinging by!

No way! Thank you for the nice compliments! I picked some lovely and not-so-lovely nectarines today. Ah, the guilt!

Thanks for writing!

The middle is just about right, huh?

Thanks for writing!

Aw, the lonely fork that often gets shut in the dark dishwasher. What about her poor cousin, the spoon, that always gets mangled in the garbage disposal? I feel bad for her.


Well good for you for not quitting!!!!!

It does suck getting picked last. I love how you captured this. I can’t stand imperfect fruit, but I will never look at it the same way again!

I may not be the best, but I don’t quit. Except for dieting. I sometimes quit that. 🙂

Thanks for writing!

Ha! I bet you’re gonna buy a bruised nectarine now, huh? 🙂

Glad you read the post!

Always picked last here. In fact once, for floor hockey, they made me just lie in front of the goal because they knew I had no hope of stopping anything otherwise. Good times. I never feel sorry for fruit, though (but love Rudy!) 🙂

I have had a pretty crippling fear of rejection for most of my life (that I’m finally moving past, some days) so I always avoided games where I have to be picked and stuck with individual sports. Good on you for sticking to it!

Of course, I also avoided any game that involved a ball because my face seems to be a magnet for them. Anytime anyone mentions the word “dodgeball” I instinctively duck and cover. 🙂

I enjoyed your post!

That sucks! You poor thing!

I think you need to write about that.

Thanks for sharing,

I wish you luck and courage to move past that fear of rejection. I would totally pick you!

And oh, I hated dodgeball and didn’t see the point in getting pummeled in the face by boys.

Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad you did,

as i child i slept with every stuffed animal on my bed {as to not make one feel left out} now my son sleeps with an apple that he “couldn’t bear to eat” – yup. we’re the sensitive types too 🙂

That is so sweet! You reminded me that I did too. There was barely room for me.

Aw, I love it that your son sleeps with an apple. Cutest thing ever!

Thanks for making me smile,

I sucked at kickball, which is probably why I seldom got to play. Luckily, grade school ended, I put on some muscle and found that excelled at other sports. Despite knowing the pain of getting picked last (or not at all) I’m not getting any bruised apples. Apples seem like a pretty benign target for exacting my revenge.

I was always picked last, and yes I knew I kinda sucked. And yes, my feelings were hurt. It was very painful, in fact. But I’m a winner at anything that involves words and writing, and that feels good!

Pippi, you can be on my team! Cute post!

You cracked me up about the fruit. As someone who frequently assigns emotions to inanimate objects, I have to say I have never considered the feelings of fruit – that’s a new one. I’ll never buy apples so callously again!

I bet you excel at juggling apples, huh? 🙂

Liked your comment. Thanks!

That rocks! You’d probably kick my ass in Scrabble. I’m kinda competitive when I play the computer on my iPhone…ha!

You definitely are a winner in my book,

The real “last” is the people (like me) who don’t even play. At least you are trying, which I give you major credit for, no matter when you are picked.

Oh, I love RUDY! Keep it up, girl! I think it’s awesome you’re playing soccer. Even if you’re a Rudy, that’s better than being a quitter! 🙂

I will never look at fruit the same.

Love this. Even though you are chosen last, you are still playing the game. That takes so much courage. I really wish to take a dance class or play softball…honestly…I’ve been afraid. Now, after reading this, I feel silly. So maybe I’ll…

Eat an apple. A bruised one. And contemplate a leotard and catchers mitt. Grateful for the inspiration.

Yeah, I feel bad for like one minute, then I get my ass on the field and work up a sweat.

You can do it! Sign up for a dance class or a team pronto!

Thank you for your honesty and for your wonderful comment,


Bruises happen.


Thanks for your awesome comment!

I kinda feel like I have a few cheerleaders. 🙂

High five!

Aw, thanks for that. That was really sweet.

I’m sure you have many other talents… 🙂

Thanks for your comment,

Yay! You made me smile!


Oh, that brings back so many horrible school yard/PE memories! Bleh!!

But, I LOVE Rudy! One of my favs! I wonder why??

Yeah. Glad I could help you remember those memories. Sorry!

I love Rudy too. What a sweetie. But what the heck happened to him in Lord of the Rings??! 🙂

Thanks for commenting!

Hi Pippi!
I, too, enjoyed this post. I hated kickball, maybe the other kids could tell and that’s why they picked me last. I always try to remember that “no one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something”!

You make a great point…we all have our gifts and talents.

Thanks for stopping by and writing!

One of my favorite movies. As far as grocery shopping,,,i reach into the very back and pick whatever item is the least tainted.

We watch Rudy almost every Fall. 🙂

Glad to hear you pick the back row fruit, because they are probably sad to not take center stage…ha!

Thanks for commenting!

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