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I had the opportunity to write a letter to my teenage self for

At first, it felt a little like, well, like homework. Blah.

But as the remembering kicked in–the good and the not-so-good–it was a great exercise in self-reflection and self-assessment. Check it out here:

Or below:

20 Tips For My Teenage Self

Dear Pimpled Pippi,

  1. Don’t sweat the pimples. They will go away in time for your wedding.
  2. Participate more in class. You are a smart cookie, Pippi. Raise your hand and answer the damn questions. You KNOW the answers.
  3. Stick with kissing. You’ll be happy you did.
  4. High school grades aren’t THAT important. I mean, do you list your high school GPA on your resume? Uh, no.
  5. Peer pressure is stupid.
  6. Don’t take things so seriously. High school is a mere four years in a big, long life. (Unless you’re a little slow, then it might be five years. Just saying.)
  7. Tanning with SPF 4 is stupid. That sun damage will catch up to you. When you’re a blogger.
  8. Don’t worry so much about what people think. What’s most important is what you think of yourself. Chances are, you may never see the majority of these people again. Except later on in life. On Facebook.
  9. Avoid rum and Coke. It’s a horrific combination that makes you vomit. At the dance. Yeah that.
  10. Think of boyfriends as disposable (like your prom dress), not marriage material. You’ll have more fun.
  11. You’re not fat. In fact, you’re probably the skinniest you’ll ever be.
  12. Try out cheerleading. Or volleyball. Trial and error is a good thing. Don’t regret missed opportunities.
  13. Self-tanners turn you orange. Enough said.
  14. Racing to get signatures in your yearbook is kinda dumb. Because later on, when the yearbook gets water damaged, you end up throwing it out.
  15. Don’t buy a senior ring.
  16. Increase your self-confidence. Enough said.
  17. Go on. Eat all the Doritos and pizza you want. Your metabolism rocks.
  18. Hold your head up high and walk proudly. Don’t hide behind big hair and a nervous laugh.
  19. There will always be mean girls. Their meanness will bite them in the ass. Karma.
  20. Be yourself. Everyone likes you the way you are. Duh.

Wiser-and-more-confident Pippi

How would YOU grade your high school experience? What would YOU say to your high school self? C’mon, give it a try. You might be glad you did.



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