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It was just another end-of-season soccer party…or was it? Accompanying a team of nine-year-old girls at the local pizza place. The girls were laughing. The mothers were talking at separate tables, letting the girls mingle and giggle.

The mothers had barely said 10 words to each other during the soccer season. Maybe a little chit-chat at the games. This was a chance to get to know each other. Strangers with fake smile, making small talk.

It was uncomfortable.

There was pizza and salad. Iceberg lettuce with cucumbers and Ranch dressing. Cheese pizza. I couldn’t resist a big, fat slice.

Talking to another mother, chewing the thick crust, a glob of dough suddenly stuck in my throat. I couldn’t breathe. The mother kept talking to at me. Telling me about Halloween costumes. After all, it was late October. I zoned out. But was trying to be polite.

I was quietly choking. And trying not to panic.

I played it off. The crust wouldn’t go up. It wouldn’t go down. My airway was completely clogged.

I started to panic. But instead of motioning for help, I stood up and walked toward the door. Trying to breathe, I couldn’t. Full body sweat.

Air wasn’t going through. The doughy crust wasn’t breaking apart and wasn’t getting soft. I was wheezing and gasping. A morbid thought passed through me.

I looked across the room at my daughter–freshly showered post-game with her ponytail still damp–smiling and chatting with her friends. I leaned over, willing that crust to go up or down. “Do it for your daughter,” I willed.

No one seemed to notice me. And I didn’t call attention to myself. I was quietly choking.

After a few minutes, the saliva finally worked its magic and the crust finally went down. Tears were streaming down my reddened face.

Wiping them off with my sleeve, I resumed my place at the Mom table.

And proceeded to announce that my daughter would be a werewolf for Halloween.

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glad you were ok and what a scary thing! thanks for sharing such important information. I have to do cpr and first aid training for work and women are embarassed by choking and usually walk away/go to the bathroom etc. Men do the same with heart attacks. scary stuff!

Goodness me girl… are you ok? I remember in our CPR class we were taught that most choking victims end up heading into the washroom when they are choking out of embarrassment… and then DIE there! What an absolutely terrifying experience for you!!! Choking while surrounded by “the Moms” made it extra special. With such a hilarious outlook on this situation I am so going to check out your blog to see what else you have written about!

The next time this happens, I will be sure to draw attention to myself.

Thanks for bringing that to MY attention and for caring!


Thank you for stopping by. You are the 3rd person who told me that choking victims often try to walk away to minimize the attention on themselves. I was one of them.

Seems like we need to make more people aware of this because eating happens (like daily).

Again, thank you!

I choked on a glob of pizza dough when I was a kid. I am traumatized by it still to this day! I am hyper-sensitive to my kids choking and if the 12 year old would let me cut up his food for him, I still would. I’m glad you’re ok, how scary!

It IS scary. And someone told me that when you’re with a group of people–laughing or uncomfortable (as was my case)–you tend to choke because you aren’t concentrating on eating.

Instead of grapes (which have me worried), I opt for bananas. 🙂

Glad you’re OK too. Thanks for the nice words!

Wow, that is scary !!
I can totally see this happening to me because, let’s face it, I’m loud and obnoxious at the dinner table. Perhaps we need to stick to smoothies! 🙂

Yeah it was scary.

I think you’re onto something…smoothies and pudding. Kinda like the diet post-wisdom teeth removal. 🙂


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