Sweaty Bodies, Drakkar Noir, and Journey


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The song Faithfully by Journey brings me back.

Back to the high school dance in the gym with the hardwood floors and the sweaty teenager bodies. The boys smelled like Drakkar Noir. The bodies pressed against each other for the slow songs, and for the last song.

I wore my hair big and my leggings skinny. Shoulder-padded blouse with a cinch belt. Heavy eyeliner. Minty-gum breath (always).

I clung onto some boy, as he smashed against me.

It was 1984.

This song is kinda bittersweet for me.

When Faithfully ended, it was my cue that the coach would soon transform into a pumpkin.

The lights in the gym turning back on was a rude awakening. The realities of pimpled faces in your face and my 11:00 p.m. curfew looming. No after-the-dance parties for me. When the dance ended, it meant one thing: time to go home.

But I would go to bed replaying the wonderful night in my head, with still a hint of Drakkar Noir on my neck, left by a boy.

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Our final song was always Stairway to Heaven – the 10+ minute version. That could be a good thing or a very bad thing depending on who you were dancing with. I also remember dancing to AC/DC’s Shook Me All Night Long – A LOT. That was a crowd fave!! A key highschool dance memory of mine is that I almost got my first french kiss at one of those dances … that is until I turned my head away and he licked my cheek. HA! That guy grew up to be one of those flying fish dudes at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. If only I’d let him french me 😉

I remember Stairway to Heaven (the long version) too. What a disappointment to dance with someone awful for 10 whole minutes!

I can just picture the lick on the cheek. Slurp! #awkward 🙂

Awesome memories…thanks for sharing!

Oh god Drakkar Noir. That brings me back. Not in a good way 😉

Whenever I get a whiff of it, I get a little turned on. 🙂


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