Know Any Know-it-Alls?


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Do you know any know-it-alls?

You know, the people that know all about nutrition, home decorating, childrearing, restaurants, business, fashion, politics, news, beauty products, pet care, home loans, books, entertainment, and travel?

Simply said, they know everything about everything.

They like to name drop.

And when they tell you all that they know, they seem to like to put you down for not knowing. So, basically, you’re an imbecile.

I know my share of know-it-alls.

They are annoying. Hard to talk to. I don’t think they really want to talk “to” the other person, they want someone to talk “at.” And when you are talking to them, you are not really asking for their opinion or advice, you are simply conversing. But they LOVE to share their opinions about EVERYTHING.

Here are some examples:

Me: I need to buy some Clinique eye cream because I’m all out.

Know-it-all: Clinique?! That has so many additives. You should really be buying moisturizer at Whole Foods. Plus, department stores mark everything up.

Me: I want to see the movie Moonrise Kingdom. It looks good.

Know-it-all: I think it looks dumb. What you need to see is The Dictator.

Me: We just got a yellow Lab puppy. He is so fun and cute.

Know-it-all: Don’t you know puppies chew everything and shed like crazy?

Me: We let our children stay up later on the weekends. We like to watch movies and make popcorn.

Know-it-all: You need to keep your children on a sleep schedule. We do. Because children need 10 hours of sleep every night.

Me: We refinanced to a 15-year loan.

Know-it-all: Homes are not good investments. You should be putting money away in a 401K and in tax shelters.

Me: We went to New York City and had a blast.

Know-it-all: Did you go to the Museum of Modern Art? No. It’s one of the best museums. You really missed out.

Me: I add whey protein protein for our smoothies.

Know-it-all: Whew protein? Egg protein powder is better. And you should switch from cow’s milk to almond milk. There are more health benefits. Do you know how many hormones are in milk?!

Me: We just bought new sofas at Macy’s. They had a killer sale.

Know-it-all: Macy’s? I would never buy furniture at Macy’s.

Me: The killing of innocent people in Syria is so sad.

Know-it-all: The killings in Somalia are more sad because that has been going on for decades.

And so on and so forth.

You kinda wish you didn’t open your stupid mouth in the first place, only to be shot back with some know-it-all–often condescending–comments.

What it isn’t is a two-way conversation and interaction. But instead, one person with a megaphone. And it really doesn’t matter who is listening.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

But you’re the sucker, who is stuck listening at the moment.

Makes me think…

If a tree know-it-all falls talks in the forest and no one is around to hear it her, does it she make a sound?

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Comments (8)

Yep, I know a few. Some I like some I don’t care for. The ones I like have other attributes that compensate for the know-it-all behaviour.

YES! I know some of these people. I would really like to tell them that I didn’t ask for their opinion and I’m just making conversation. But I haven’t worked up the nerve just yet.

I find that when I’m around these people I nod a lot and smile and tend to cease talking. Then I think of ways I can blog about it later. 🙂


I like knowledgeable people, like say, an animal expert who can tell me all about crocodiles. But the know-it-alls that insert opinions and expertise about everything, I tend to do eyerolls. 🙂


Argh…there’s one in every crowd isn’t there? Although I have strong opinions on a lot of things I generally don’t share them unless asked specifically.

I think having opinions is great. But these are the people that don’t know when to shut their traps.


HAHA! Without thinking about it, I started hearing that in the voice of those robot cartoons. You know the ones? Where you can type in the text and one character just sticks to whatever their opinion is no matter how completely correct the other one is?

Ha! That would be about right.

(In robot voice): I know things. I know lots of things. You’re an idiot.


Thanks for writing!

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