Peanut Butter, Monopoly, and My First Kiss


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Who knew that my first open-mouthed kiss would be as a Freshman in high school, with a lanky boy with braces, who had just eaten peanut butter?

It all began when I was a Freshman in high school. Dating an older boy. It was raining. I remember the smell of his wet shoes. Big shoes with dirty laces. We started up a game of Monopoly at his house. Led Zeppelin was playing in the background.

Where were his parents? Who knows. We were latch-key kids. What had I told my mother about my whereabouts? Some lie.

What I was prepared for, was to win at Monopoly. My strategy is always to buy all of the oranges and reds and yellows–maybe even all of the railroads–and take over the game. What I wasn’t prepared for was that first real kiss.

Wet mouth. Slobber. Braces. Peanut butter.

It wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t quite what I had hoped for.

I had been imagining that kiss for years. Even practiced on my arm. And in the mirror.

I had hoped for minty breath. Or cinnamon breath. I was gum-chewer (still am), always paranoid that my breath is “kissing ready.” I was picturing, in my romantic mind, that the kiss would go like this:

But the reality was more like smashing faces. Hitting teeth. And chin slobber. I was partly to blame. I was new at this. He was two years older.

What I couldn’t get over was that peanut butter smell. And the smell of rain-soaked shoes and clothes. They say smells bring you back to a memory.

Whenever I get a whiff of that peanut-butter-and-dank-shoes smell, I will forever remember my first make-out session as a blossoming teen.

What was your first real kiss like?

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Summer Camp. Spin-the-bottle. I think I was 13. Pretty sure his name was Justin and he had flaky, chapped lips. *shudder* I thought I was awesome for a whole 10 minutes.

You had me a flaky, chapped lips!

I think it’s best to have that romantic first kiss in your mind and keep it there because reality is usually a little off. 🙂

Thanks for sharing!

Oh man.

Pretty sure it was in Middle School and it was at a boys house when his parents weren’t home and all I remember was lots and lots of slobber from him. I remember wishing he’d turn the darn hose off! Blech!

Oh man! What is UP with the slobber!

Thanks for writing!

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