A Little Boy, A Little Wasp, And A Big Ear


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I was reminded of a how a little boy balanced on a little log on a little camping trip. And how the little boy accidentally pissed off a little wasp, whose little nest was hiding in the little log. The little wasp proceeded to sting the little boy’s little ear.

And how the little ear transformed into a gigantic ear. 

Screaming little boy. Ear growing by the minute. Red ear. Sad boy. Freaking-out parents.

Camping. Allergic reaction to a sting. No ER for miles. What’s a family to do?

Shuffling through our first aid kit, that had been cobbled together in the last minutes of packing…Ah, Benadryl.

“Let’s try this before we drive for hours to the doctor.”

But he won’t take the tablets.

“I know. Let’s try breaking them in half and putting them in the chocolate pudding.” No, that didn’t work.

“Let’s try shoving them down his throat.” No, that didn’t work.

The little boy was wearily watching to see what other food we would sneak the medicine into. We played it off nicely. Another word for it: lying.

“We’re all out of medicine. Here, Sweetie, drink some Sprite. I bet you’re thirsty.” Hoping he wouldn’t spot the powdered tablets dissolving in the bubbles.

Ah, the innocence of a four year old. Gulp. Gulp.

Within minutes–like a magic potion–he passed out in his chair, munching on Doritos.

When he awoke, his big ear was reduced to a medium ear. He was fine.

But the wasp-sting-in-the-ear-story has become forever stitched in our family’s memory quilt.

Sometimes, something so little can have such a big impact. Going through our family’s photos–and seeing these two pictures–brought back so many vivid memories. I can almost hear the wasp buzzing.My little son. With his sockless feet. With his scraped-up knee. With his Wall-E jammy shirt. With a gigantic bag of Doritos, bigger than his torso.

That log is still there at our campsite. Now, every time we approach the log on our annual camping trip, we take a peek inside. Just to make sure. And there is a little tentativeness when my son takes his first step onto that log to play our balance-on-the-log game.

Remember when…

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I love this post – especially the line about the story being stitched in your family’s memory quilt. You are so talented – I wish I could express myself as well in so short a space!

Family stories like this are really sweet. Pictures do a great job of bringing it all back.

Thank you for your sweet comment!

Oh my goodness, that was so nice of you to say! You made my day!


Love this so very much. And his sweet little face? And the ear? Heavens. Just love it.

Oh thanks so much. His ear was all chubby and doughy, just like his little legs. 🙂

Thanks for commenting!


I love it Pip! Great Story 🙂

Thanks, Donovan!


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