One Wedding


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One wedding. Filled with love and sweetness. Also filled with many glitches that made it, oh, so memorable.

  • One rainy day in June, in a summer of hot, sunny days. Outside wedding, with no back-up plans.
  • One manicure and pedicure. The bride’s first.
  • One ginormous piece of chocolate cake gobbled down by the bride an hour before the ceremony. Nerves. And starvation after a week with the stomach flu.
  • One floppy-hat-wearing woman in a floral dress who took over the bride’s changing area–and would not leave. No place to change!
  • One janitor’s closet brimming with mops. Bride’s father saved the day and stood guard while she wiggled into her dress, knocking over brooms.
  • One hug by a well wisher, pre-ceremony, left one red lipstick stain on the bride-to-be’s puffy sleeve. Club soda needed pronto!
  • One dry spell, moments before the ceremony, lifting the clouds so the bride and groom could exchange their vows in sunshine.
  • One couple, with the biggest grins you ever saw, standing before family and friends. A small wedding with big heart.
  • One groom who was allergic to the starch in the rental tuxedo shirt. Puffy, itchy head-to-waist rash emerged post-ceremony. Cured by 48 hours of honeymoon sunshine.
  • One long table with all the swordfish, garlic mashed potatoes, endive salad, and three-tiered chocolate cake you could eat. Robert Mondavi wine all around.
  • One hefty restaurant tab for the newly-married couple, who would take nearly two years to pay it off.
  • One drunk chauffeur who swerved and sped down the freeway, in the black Towncar, to get the bride and groom to the airport to catch their midnight flight.
  • One airport snafu with plane tickets in the bride’s married name. Her documentation was in her maiden name. Houston, we have a problem. A stopover in Houston, Texas to plead to the authorities and sign affidavits.
  • One red-eye flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  • One afternoon, upon arrival, was one happy couple passed out poolside, who slept for hours with Macarena playing in the background.

Life for this one couple is still just as funny, love-filled, and riddled with goof-ups. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One day…

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Honey I just ‘love’ this! It is you and your beloved?


Aw, thanks. Yeah, it’s our wedding anniversary today. But the pic is not us…I need to dig up some of those old-fashioned pics from our wedding day. 🙂


happy anniversary! Sounds like your wedding was just the start of your adventures together!

Thank you, Sweetie!


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