Sizzler: I Owe You $823.57


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I worked at Sizzler as a teen. And though minimum wage was under $4 per hour at the time, I made up for it in fried shrimp and chocolate cake.

At Sizzler, for, like, $8.99, you could order a steak, soup and salad bar, and all-you-can-eat shrimp. People came to the restaurant in droves. And they usually had hefty appetites.

I had a hefty appetite.

My black apron sported handy front pockets, plenty deep for about 20 shrimp at a time. Beautiful, golden, salty, tasty little suckers.

Like Bubba, it was shrimp for lunch, shrimp for dinner, shrimp during my shift, shrimp while on my break.

Oh and the triple-decker chocolate cake at the dessert bar? Slices were a little harder to stash in your pockets, but let me tell you, it could be done. And that cake was divine.

Shrimp and chocolate cake will just never be the same.

Where did you work as a teen? Feel free to share your funny story!


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I went straight from high school to a job before starting university. That is I finished school on Friday and started work on Monday, no break for me. It was in a pathology laboratory. I got $3.75 per hour. I thought I was rich. My first job was cleaning faeces sieves that were used in stool examinations. I progressed up the line while at medical school until I was basically the chief pathologist for the Northern Territory of Australia. Low starts are a strong foundation for a strong career.

Wow! Cool story! I agree that low starts make you appreciate things.

I’m impressed!

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