7 Tips When Riding the Big, Yellow School Bus


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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round…  And after a field trip on the big, yellow school bus, Pippi’s head was spinning round and round.

The next time you volunteer on your child’s field trip and ride the bus, here are seven tips to make things go a little smoother:

  1. Don’t sit at the back of the bus. Even if all the cool kids do it.
  2. Pack a snack and eat it illegally. Even if the boys in front of you smell your banana and then your protein bar and yell, “I’m telling!” Yeah, who are you going to tell? I’m, like, a chaperone and a grown up.
  3. Don’t look down at your phone and text or Tweet about how you’re getting carsick. It will only get you carsicker.
  4. Wear a sports bra. The shocks on the bus are missing. And the kid sitting behind you will be kicking the back of your seat. The whole entire trip there. And back again.
  5. Bring an ice pack. Bring an ice pack for your forehead. The bus is filled with sweaty kids. They steam up the windows. And it’s raining outside so you can’t open them for fresh air or else the little girls will freak that they are getting rained on.
  6. Wear comfy clothes. They cram three bodies per bench seat, when two bodies would be more than sufficient.
  7. Shut the Front (bus) Door! As in, the noise is deafening.

Despite these tips, my belly was churning and my head was dizzy. It took me 24 hours to recover from my school bus hangover. Check out this video for a teensy preview of your next chaperoning experience.

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Hah, 7 good reasons never to go on a school trip when you’re an adult… more like! Sounds hideous. Where did you go? Was it worth it when you got there? Sounds like it was all overshadowed by the bus trip! lol F

We went to a Native American house where they recounted myths and legends. Pretty cool, but I was also pretty sick by then!

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