My Daughter Wants to Be a…


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What does your daughter want to be when she grows up?

  • A vet?
  • A ballerina?
  • A doctor?
  • A chef?
  • A computer programmer?
  • A shop keeper?
  • A forest ranger?
  • A teacher?
  • An artist?
  • A zoo keeper?
  • An author?

Not mine. A few years back, my daughter announced, “I want to be a cage dancer.”

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At least she is thinking outside the box…er, at least her thinking about being in a box is free-spirited.

Besides, we all change what we want to be when we grow up over time. Probably better to have cage dancer come up on that list now (or a few years ago), rather than when she is 18 and full of that great judgement we all had at 18.

Ha! Yeah, I support her creative thinking! She has changed her plans several times since and currently wants to be a zoo keeper. I could totally see that. But, ah, there are cages at the zoo…

Thanks for writing,

Miss17 wants to be an interior drafter/designer
Miss15 wants to be a physiotherapist
Miss11 wants to be a surgeon

You’ve got some smarties there! Apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

Go Gary!


My oldest wants to be a teacher but my middle child wants to be a tree. She envisions the tree lifestyle to be much more exciting than I would have ever assumed but despite her sister’s insistance that she couldn’t be a tree, she’s adamant about her ambitions.

A tree is awesome! Except The Giving Tree was so so sad. 🙁

Support her dreams! Apple trees are lovely.

Thanks for writing,

She should be a cage dancer at the zoo – like positive therapy for the animals, get them all pepped up, helping them fight depression.

Ah, good idea. Combining two of her favorite career plans: cage dancing and zoo management.

Love it!

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