A Penny Saved Is An Ice Cream Earned


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I bought an elephant bank awhile back. Not a piggy bank, because I’m more into elephants these days.

This elephant is now part of the family. And it has become quite the hit around the house. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it sits front-and-center in our family room. I’ve been using it to drop in coins here and there. When my wallet is getting heavy. When I am doing laundry and find coins in the pockets.

And the cool thing is, my children are participating too. They have been dropping in their extra coins. Clink. Plink. Plunk.

It has become the communal bank.

I promised the children that when the elephant is full, we can empty it out and buy something together, as a family. A trip to Hawaii? I wish. A new tent for camping? Maybe.

It may just be enough to treat the family to ice cream. 🙂

But whatever. Coins add up.

And, whether or not our bounty is $50 when full, or $200. Or simply $14. We are teaching the children a few valuable life lessons:

  1. Saving money to buy something cool is a good thing
  2. Pooling our individual resources can add up to more
  3. Elephants are pretty

Go get yourself a piggy bank or an elephant bank. Or turn that glass jar you have sitting around the house into your new family bank. Watch (and hear) the coins add up. And enjoy some well-earned chocolate mint chip ice cream. 🙂




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Wonderful idea! I love that it bonds the family together in shared responsibility. And I LOVE ELEPHANTS. Elephants are matriarchal too – so momma is the boss, you can tell your kids that 🙂

Well maybe I have something to pin after all. 🙂

I bought it at World Market. I love elephants too. And Momma is definitely the boss around these parts.


Great idea! I’m going to have to start up a communal bank of our own! Both my boys have one but what a great way to save for something for the family!

Cool! If you put it in a central place, they all of a sudden start feeling generous. 🙂

Our elephant is pretty heavy. Maybe an ice cream trip is on the horizon!

Thanks for writing!

This is such a great idea. Especially instilling such good habits among your kids 😉

We’ll see how much loot we’ll pull in before we bust out the cash for some ice cream. 🙂

Thanks for writing,

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