To The Girlie Girls On the Soccer Field: BEWARE


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There is nothing more exciting on a Saturday morning than to watch my daughter tear it up and rough it up during a soccer game.

She’s the one in all blue. The one that looks like she’s gonna break the other girl’s arm. Or did she already?

We teach our children to be kind. We teach them to be empathetic. We teach them to be good citizens, good learners, good listeners, good people. We support their creativity. We support their dreams.

And let me tell you. We support them when they kick some ass in sports.

That’s where my competitiveness comes out. Yeah. I’m the parent of an athlete. I am impressed by her athleticism, determination, and strength. Not only am I proud, but I am learning from her.

I am the parent hollering on the sidelines. I am the one high-fiving my husband when our daughter protects the goal. Scores a goal from half-field. Or roughs it up on the field.

You see, what’s funny is my daughter is soft spoken. She has a fairy-like, sing-song voice. She plays with dragons. She paints vibrant canvases. She is unique and free-spirited and peaceful.

But when she’s on the soccer field, better hide the girlie girls. Because #99 is a powerful force.

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oh heck yes!! she LOOKS like a natural player!
love this post! 🙂

Thank you! It’s fun to watch strong girls be, well, strong. 🙂

Thanks for writing,

she looks like a great soccer player! its a wonderful feeling to see our girls be strong. Great blog… will mosey around a bit 😉

Aw, thanks. It’s fun to have a daughter who is athletic. Go girl power!

Thanks for stopping by,

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