I Could Never Be a Wildlife Photographer


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I am in awe of nature. But I don’t always have the patience for it.

I love to watch nature shows on TV. You know, where the brown bear catches a salmon. Or the cheetahs attack the weak wildebeest. Or the dung beetle rolls on, well, a big ball of dung. Or the birds of the Amazon puff up their feathers and perform their mating rituals.

Knowing my luck, I’d travel to Kenya on a wildlife tour to see cheetahs…and this is what I would probably see. Uh, yeah. I would need a T-shirt that says, “I went to Africa and all I got was a photo of grass.”

That further proves my awe of the photographers and camera crews that have the patience to capture all of this wonderfulness to enlighten those of us who will never get the chance to experience–and film–spiders hatching, elephants trekking for new water holes, tiny tree frogs up so close you can see his pupils.

I mean, imagine how long you would have to camp out, with your tripod and camera and open shutter to capture lightning. Especially because, like, we don’t even have lightning where I live. Talk about patience.

I had a teensy little experience the other day to photograph wildlife: a robin feeding her young. I know, nothing jaw-dropping or exotic.

But it touched me, just the same.

My next door neighbor’s waterspout is a perfect place for a nest. The same robin parents come back every year to build a nest. It’s part of our family’s Spring ritual to check out the craftsmanship of nest-building. And then to hear the babies chirping. The parents use our back yard as their grocery store. Where, apparently, worms are on sale.

Oh and did you know that both parents are involved in food shopping, meal preparation, and feeding?

So the other day, I saw the baby birds peeking out with their eyes wide and beaks even wider. Methinks, “Grab the camera with the telephoto lens and transform yourself into wildlife photographer.” Yeah, I actually said that to myself. #dork

I placed my body up against the fence, about 10 feet away from the nest. Close enough to get a good shot. But not close enough to freak out the parents.

I waited. And waited. (I had to pee.) And waited. (Kids were arguing in the cul-de-sac. SHUT UP!) I waited some more.

I waited 18 minutes…which felt like an eternity.

The babies sat there, in their nest, with their beaks open. They, too, were waiting. “Where is my dinner??!!” (I was starting to wonder the same thing as my belly started to grumble.)

Here is what I saw.

Besides learning about bird behavior, methinks I also learned a little more about being patient. And being appreciative. And just being.

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Comments (22)

love the pics but I wouldn’t have the patience either!

I have an appreciation for patience. 🙂


Wonderful! Well worth the wait. When I finally take a photography class to learn how to use a camera I haven’t yet purchased I will remember this lesson. Patience. Just be. And appreciate the result.

I don’t think I would have had the patience. I know if I had to pee and neighbor kids were arguing I wouldn’t have been able to stand it. It was worth it though.

The photographs they get are amazing. But the behind-the-scenes wait time? Miraculous. 🙂

That is SO rad. SO RAD! How often do we get to slow down time long enough to see something so amazing? Rarely. Good job on holding the pee.

Awww… love those feeding pictures!

Awww I love the pictures! I am also not patient, but awww baby birds!

Pee-shaw! Good photos, girl! You cracked me up with the pictures of grass. Still chuckling. Ellen

Ha! Don’t you KNOW that you’d pay like $10K to go on a safari and you’d like see a bird and grass. And you’d come home with a body full of mosquito bites and be totally disappointed but then you’d probably lie and say, “Yeah, I saw zebras migrating in search of a new watering hole. And yeah, I saw cheetahs.” 🙂

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks! I know, these baby birds are sooo cute. I was surprised at how they just sit there with their beaks wide open waiting for their parents to come feed them. And they waited 18 minutes! Pretty cool to see real-life nature right in your backyard. 🙂

Thanks for writing!

Oh, thanks! I am so impressed and inspired by nature. And humbled. And that happened to be on Mother’s day, so very timely!

Thanks for writing!

Thank you! I don’t slow down long enough enough. Do you? It was a good reminder that I need to hold the pee more often. 🙂


I so agree! Some of these people camp out for hours, days, weeks to get a shot. I camped out for 18 minutes and that was too long. 😉

Thanks for your comment!

I almost didn’t. But glad I did.

Thanks for writing!

Those are great lessons for all of us, all of the time.

Thanks for your comment!

I always miss the “perfect” moments either because I don’t have my camera out or I wasn’t patient enough! Thank goodness other people in this world do!

that’s so awesome!!

Nature is awesome, huh? I happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Thanks for stopping by!

It’s hard to capture nature in action! I agree, good thing other people do!

Thanks for writing,

awww love them!

Aren’t they so cute?!

Thanks for reading,

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