Is Your Bucket Half Full?


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You’ve heard of the glass half full. But have you heard of the bucket half full? As in the vomit bucket?

The other day, I woke up sick. Sick, sick, sickety sick. Several trips to the bathroom. Enough said. I thought to myself, “I’ll call in sick to work and have the day to myself to sleep off the sickness.”

Not so fast.

Time to wake up my oldest son. “Uhhhh, Mooooom, I feeeeeel siiiiiick.” “Take a shower,” my husband suggested to see if he feels better. Five minutes later. Nope. Still stick. He’s staying home from school.

My daughter, who vomited the night before, woke up still sick. She’s staying home.

My youngest son walks like a zombie out from the toilet. “Mooooom, I have diarrhea.” OK. He’s staying home.

My husband heads bolts out of the door, heading off to work. Unscathed from the sick wrath.

To recap. One sick Mom. Three sick children. All at home. With the stomach flu.


Actually no. Despite multiple visits to the toilet, it was actually a day when all four of us stretched out on the sofa. Lying feet to feet. Comatose. We watched Lady and The Tramp. We dozed. We watched Bee Movie. We ate chicken noodle soup. We watched The Sword and The Stone. I dozed. We drank Sprite. We lazed around all day together. We were pathetic together.

Will we look back on this sick day as being awful? No way. The togetherness was healing.

This bucket was…half full.

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so you didn’t get to sleep off the sickness by yourself but glad the togetherness was healing!

Yeah, we were all sloth-like together. It was an eye opener what a nice “sick day” that was!

Thanks for writing,

My kiddo and I were both sick on the same day this week. A day of lazing about helped me muster up the energy to scoot her “I still don’t feel so hot” booty off to school the next day. 🙂

Glad you guys had a nice sick day??!

It sounds like you guys had a nice sick day too. But all good sick days must end, huh? Get your booty to school!

Thanks for writing,

You make being sick with kids seem sweet 🙂

It turned out being a very sick but sweet day.

Thanks for writing!

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