Top 10 Children’s Books


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Here are some of our favorite children’s books:

  1. In The Night Kitchen (Classic. Creative.)
  2. Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe (Empowering non-aggressive dinosaurs to take action.)
  3. Jamberry (Rhyming is fun. Pictures are peaceful and creative.)
  4. Owl Babies (Sweet and reassuring.)
  5. The Giving Tree (Classic. Beautiful, lovely tree. Each time we read this, we get pissed at the man who takes advantage of the tree.)
  6. The King, The Mice and The Cheese (Funny and clever. About getting along.)
  7. Everyone Poops (Funny. Great pictures. Simple message.)
  8. Sally on the Farm (Clever, wood-carved illustrations. You’ll love Sally the Black Labrador.)
  9. Goodnight Moon (Classic. Calming. Perfect book.)
  10. The Amazing Travels of Ingrid Our Turtle, by Land, Sea, Sky, Space! (You root for Ingrid, who travels the world at her own pace.)

I’d love to know your favorites…please share in the comments!

Reading is cool,


in the night kitchen

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Where the Wild Things Are

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Really Bad Day


Great additions!

Thanks for writing,

Mama, do you love me?
Big Red Barn
Wacky Wednesday
Peter Rabbit
Could I Paint the Sky?
The Oak Inside the Acorn

… some of our faves … and even at 8 years old, these are books we still read together from time to time.

Oh yeah, we love Big Red Barn! So calming. We still read our favorites from time to time too. Even my oldest will peak in to listen. 🙂

Thanks for some new additions. I will look into those!

We love Owl Babies!! Every kid should have that read to them over and over 🙂

Bread and Jam for Frances, although every time I read it I get really hungry. 😉

The Stinky Cheese Man

I love this list! Hope it keeps going!

I love Bread and Jam for Frances.

We saw the play of The Stinky Cheese Man at a class field trip last year…very clever!

Thanks for the good additions!


I replace the owls’ names with my kids’ names. They love it!


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