Bra Shopping is Like A Boobylicious Party


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Going bra shopping these days is like a candy shop for your boobs. Purple polka dots. Leopard. Hot pink. Aqua. Flowery. Zig-zag. Stripes. Checkered. Lacy. Silky.

  • The colors!
  • The choices!
  • The fun!

It’s like a boobylicious party. I wrote a previous post about bra shopping here: It’s the Bra Stupid.

It’s amazing how much a new bra makes you feel so much better about yourself. With my new purchases, my boobs are now back in my peripheral vision.

You may be wooed or disgusted by the labels…Age Defying Lift…Extreme Ego Boost…Attention Thief…Over Achiever…and my favorite: Prepare to Stop Traffic.

As for me?

I may need to change my name from Pesky Pippi to Perky Pippi. #justsaying




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Last time I went bra shopping, I think I had 3 choices of colors. Since breast-feeding, I could basically shop in the little girls section.
If we don’t have another baby, maybe I’ll get new ones. Then I can change my name to biggerstuff. 😉

Get new ones NOW! Tell them Pippi sent ya. You deserve it!


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