I’m a “Sunny Delight” Mom


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I try to be a Sunny Delight Mom. And I try to have a Sunny Delight home. Where all kids are welcome. All of the time.

Cheesy? Yeah. Are you eye-rolling? So what. 🙂

What is a Sunny Delight Mom? You know, the kind of Mom who opens the doors and her arms to welcome her children’s friends after school? Who buys the right snacks that kids love? Who makes the home inviting to kids of all ages so they are happy and comfortable and want to come back? Where rarely a weekend goes by without hosting a sleepover?

Yeah that.

My Sunny Delight home is where my children and their friends come to congregate, to play, to hang out. They are always welcome. They are always loud. They are always eating. And they always come back.

And like the Sunny Delight commercial, you hear this:

  • “Your Mom is cool,” says the friend.
  • “Yeah, I know,” says your child.

You see, when I was growing up, I did not have a Sunny Delight Mom. I did not live in a Sunny Delight home. I lived with my mother. I was her only child. I had friends but they rarely came over. The house was quiet. Quiet was good for reading–I read lots–and for playing quiet, creative games. The doors did not slam shut. Shoes of all sizes, belonging to different people, were not tossed by the front door. The snacks were tofu and granola and tuna.

So when I became a mother of one, then two, then three children, I knew that I wanted to be a Sunny Delight Mom and have a Sunny Delight home. The more the merrier! Children–and their laughter and their happiness–make me smile.

Just like the cheesy Sunny Delight Mom in the commercial.

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