Babies in Flower Pots? Yeah That.


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Babies in flower pots? Yeah, I love those. I wish I had taken pictures of my babies in flower pots. Or in pumpkins. Or in tea cups. Or in pea pods.

Seriously. These photos are adorable! And they show how tiny babies start out in life.

It’s a little late now… My baby is now kinda big. He turns 13 today. And has surpassed me at 5’10”.

But no regrets. I’m so proud to see what a nice young man he has become–after starting out, well, the size of a pea.

I look forward to watching him continue to grow and thrive.

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Thanks for reminding me to get my 7 month old baby girl’s picture taken professionally before she is learning to drive.


DO it TODAY! And do it in a teacup, OK? 🙂

Send me a pic at I just love me some cute baby photos!


I have a whole book of Anne Geddes. Just don’t try to get your thirteen year old into some sort of hat and flower pot. It just won’t be the same.

I love her work.

I did ask my son if I could shove him in a flower pot. And he’s, like, no way, Dude! 🙂

Thanks for writing!

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