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My grandmother had a needlepoint hanging in her living room that was stitched, “Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” As a kid, I didn’t know what the hell that meant. Now I do.

It’s about being in the present. And making your time count.

With busy, overscheduled schedules, you’ve heard the phrase “it only takes two minutes.” And “there aren’t enough minutes in the day.” This refers to things such as:

  • flossing
  • hugging your children
  • doing stomach crunches
  • filling up your aluminum water bottle
  • sitting with your children and asking about their day
  • checking in with your family on Facebook
  • reading a book to your child
  • calling to schedule your mammogram
  • tweezing your eyebrows
  • making a sandwich for your child’s lunch
  • doing 50 push ups
  • writing an email to your mother
  • folding half a load of laundry
  • putting on sunscreen
  • connecting with 10 Tweeps
  • scrubbing out the toilet
  • feeding the goldfish
  • shaving yur legs
  • petting the dog
  • writing a thank you note to your kids’ teacher
  • putting on mascara and lipstick
  • making a big batch of tuna for sandwiches the next day
  • sweeping the kitchen floor
  • setting the family dinner table
  • running a vacuum across the living room
  • filling up the bird feeder
  • thawing the frozen chicken for dinner
  • emailing the latest kid’s photo to their grandparents
  • writing a nice comment on a blog post
  • taking inventory of all the things you are thankful for
  • IMing your husband some sweet words
  • watering the plants above your kitchen sink
  • laying out coats, backpacks, and shoes the night before
  • making a protein smoothie
  • sitting quietly and just breathing

That’s all fine and good. But when you add two minutes here and two minutes there, that’s a lot of minutes. No wonder we often feel overwhelmed.

The point is, you can’t DO everything. You need to pick and choose. Maybe, today is the day you pick and choose a few of the “want tos” rather than the “have tos.” Take some time for yourself. Take some time for your loved ones. Isn’t that more important than cleaning the stupid floor?

And maybe, you’ll find that that time is time well spent.

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I just went and kissed everybody. 🙂

THAT is time well spent!


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