Eyebrows Gone Bad


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I went to the hair dresser today and thought, “What the heck, I’ll get my eyebrows waxed.” Because, well, they were sorta looking like this, which is fine if you’re a Muppet.

I go into the special back room. Which kinda has you creeped out a little because who knows what’s lurking in that back room. In those mystery jars and containers.

And the beauty technician’s eyebrows are sorta extra skinny and you don’t want to hurt her feelings by saying, “Could you please not make mine skinny and weird like yours?” because you know that extra skinny brows will make you look a little crazy and obsessive. So you say, simply, “I’d like to keep them full but a little bit shaped and cleaned up.” Then, you wonder if you’ve given enough direction for her to proceed. You hope for the best.

Her story telling is ill-timed. When I’m lying captive on the bed of doom, the beauty technician tells me that her eyebrows are actually shaved and she has tattooed them on.


I mean, would YOU trust a beauty technician whose eyebrows are shaved and tattooed on?

At that point, she has already lathered on the hot wax. And I am hoping praying that she isn’t taking off too much. Or, whoopsidaisy, the whole brow. I make mental plans to schedule an appointment with the local tattoo artist asap to tattoo on a pair of perfect brows. I’m doomed.

She hands me the mirror for me to self-assess. I take a deep breath.

And, well, let’s just say that I won’t be taking any pictures of myself for awhile.

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uh oh…..

Oopsy daisy! (I didn’t know what else to say?)

That pretty much sums it up!

Thanks for your concern, 🙂

Uh oh is right!

Thanks for stopping by,

I told you on the Twitter not to do it.

I asked AFTER. Duh. My bad.


If you’re ever in NY, call me. I’m a stylist and excellent waxer of unwanted, unsightly hair! Brows highlight the entire face and need only gentle clean-up to accentuate the arch. And, of course, there should always be two…lol

Drives me bonkers when I hear/read stories like this. Too many of these “technicians” go in for some kind of hair-kill and fail to look at the client. They shouldn’t be allowed to wax, rather, they should go into landscaping with a weed wacker!

Ugh! Be patient, they will grow back!

Yeah, she kinda maimed me. I’m not a fan of the super skinny brows, because I have chubby cheeks and need to balance them out!

Thanks for writing!

Hope they grow back quickly!

If not, I’ll just be wearing some jumbo sunglasses. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Too funny (although traumatic for you!)! They just opened an eyebrow waxing place in our local mall which leaves me totally perplexed. Who wants to go to walk around the mall post-eyebrow waxing?!?

How does the owner of the salon have an eyebrow tech who has no eyebrows???? Ellen

It’s kinda freaky. They are tattooed on. I should have known…

Thanks for writing!

Yeah and all the raw skin around the brows? Everything heals after a few days though. Oh and jumbo sunglasses work well.

Thanks for stopping by!

UMMM….so the tattoo eyebrows should’ve been a red flag. Thank God you weren’t in there for a brazilian! Can you IMAGINE what could have been if she screwed that one up?
On another note, have you tried threading? DON’T! I felt as if someone had tied me to the back of a semi and let me flap around back there until all my hair was gone. It was so painful, I left numb.

Uh, yeah. I’m such a dope.

I had to laugh about the Brazilian. Lordy, that could have been bad. Yeah that.

Never have I tried threading. And I probably won’t, thanks to your tip.

Golly, I learn so much from these comments!

Oh noooooo! I have so been there! It’s the worst. I got a bad wax years ago and am still recovering it. You know we totally need to see pics, right?

No pictures. No way. I don’t want to scare you.

Thanks for sharing in my pain!

lol years ago i had a lovely asian beautician try to wax under my lips when i went to get a lip and eyebrow wax! she said most asian ladies get all around their whole lips waxed, not just the top? i was horrified!

Ooooh pippi I cant help but laugh at this… I dont get mine waxed because my skin is so sensitive I look like I got burned for 2 weeks afterwards… this would freak me out more… Hugs

You mean on the chin too? But I do have a few hairs on my chinny chin chin. Not sexy. 🙂

Thanks for writing,

Yeah, I get a little extra pink too. Ah, what we do for beauty, huh?

And go ahead and laugh at my expense. It was awful! 🙂


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