When Packing Your Labor Bag…


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It’s not a labor bag you need to pack, it’s your looking-pretty bag. And maybe a robe.

Because at the hospital, clothes don’t really matter. The hospital will give you a lovely, threadbare cotton gown, with gaps and holes, perfect for your bits and pieces to hang out.

What matters is the make-up. The pictures of mother and infant will be circling the globe–the ones taken immediately following birth and the next day, when all of the relatives bring their well wishes. Don’t you want to be look your best (even if you feel like crap?)

So you just gave birth. Ya might want to powder down that sweaty face. How about a little eyeliner? Or maybe some lipstick? Even out that blotchiness. Put a clip in that matted hair.

You may feel as if you’ve been run over by a truck. And you just ran a triple-marathon. And you have enough stitches in you to sew Raggedy Ann.

You just won’t look it.



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