I Love My Dog, But…


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I love my dog…but…I don’t love my dog’s butt.

Her butt has the worst timing. She loves to poop while on our walk. Even if she has spent the whole day in the back yard–with a plethora of grass–she’ll save it. Like a present.

Aw, you shouldn’t have…it’s not my birthday, dawg!

A public poop requires you to:

  • Stop (unless it’s a poop while walking, requiring you to backtrack)
  • Sometimes wait…and wait
  • Bend over
  • Put your hand in a plastic bag
  • Pick up the steamy pile
  • Oh yeah, and carry it several blocks home, feeling a teensy bit degraded

It’s amusing to watch other dog owners clean up these presents in public. They get this weird expression on their face, as in “WHY ME?!” And then sheepishly pick it up and walk with the bag in-hand. I have a secret little chuckle as I watch someone carrying that bag. Because everyone knows precisely what’s inside.

But that chuckle quickly fades when we embark on our next walk. 🙂

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LOL! I can really relate to this post. We have two dogs so its double the fun of picking up steamers in the park. Luckily for us they seem to do it at home more often than not. For that my hubby waits for it to dry and uses a poop scooper to flick it into the garden. Ick.

We used to have a dog. When my sons were about 10 & 13 they were old enough to walk him in our village and I always made sure they were equipped with poop bags. One time they had an argument while walking the dog. One hit the other with a full poop bag. His brother hit him back with a similarly laden bag. Armageddon!

Boys and dog were hosed down outside.

You have the best (grossest!) stories!

I never thought of a full poop bag as a weapon. Maybe that’s why no one messes with me when I walk. 🙂


Double trouble!

Scoop-and-flick. Has a nice ring to it!


We don’t have a dog. I would like one but every time I mention it my husband reminds me of all the things you have just said!

Well, poop happens. 🙂

I have always had a dog as part of the family. It’s fun. And stinky.

Keep me posted on your decision!

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