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Some things never change. While at the same time, everything changes.

For example, take my recent visit to my mother’s. I was flooded with memories of, well, me. Visiting my mother was like an episode of This Is Your Life.

At every turn, there were framed photographs of me. As a toddler in my tights with the butt ruffle. At four, petting a rabbit. At nine, donning roller skates and short shorts. At 14, diving off the high dive with sunburned shoulders. At 17, decked out in my finest prom attire. At 21, a college graduate in cap and gown. At 23, a beaming bride. At 28, holding my blue-eyed baby boy (again, beaming).

Photographs documenting all the ages and stages. Babies. Pets. Vacations. Events. Rituals. Milestones.

It was cool for my kids to see the “Pippi Museum.”

Visiting your mother as a grown adult, you realize that she is the one person who has known you your whole life. And you are reminded how much you are loved.

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Love this!

It’s very comforting to see ourselves in all stages of our lives, surrounded by those who have known us and loved us since our birth. These pictures are reminders of all those precious steps along the way!

Well said!


Aw, thanks! I try to keep lots of photos of my kids around in all the stages. They love to look at themselves. 🙂

Thanks for writing!

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