Are You The Grinch Who Stole Easter?


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I am honored to be the guest blogger at Momma By Thy Name. The topic?

Are You The Grinch Who Stole Easter?

As in, the Easter Bunny needs your help to fill your childrens’ baskets. This is your chance to either:

1. Make a statement. No sugar for my children!


2. Make your children happy.

Hop over and check it out! If you comment on the post at Momma By Thy Name with your favorite Easter candy, you could win a $25 Target gift card. Sweet.

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Did you know in Australia we have chocolate Bilbis because bunnies are a feral pest and Bilbis are endangered.

Really? I had to look those up. They are so cute!

See? You’re keeping me wordly.

Thanks for that Mate!

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